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i should be doing other things

So instead of working on my TWO Big Bangs (deirdre_c - I am re-writing stuff because of what you said and now you have given me THOUGHTS so expect inbox full soon hopefully) I just stared at my Avengers Cliche Table until I opened up a NEW blank doc and started writing Clint/Coulson kid!fic where Tony and Steve are de-aged.


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Big Bangs; podficcage; JR has a face

-> avengers_bang rough draft is sent in. Phew! I have a history of changing what I'm writing mid-stream and have kept to that here. Only decided to refocus about a week ago and have been marathon-ing it, ugh! Hopefully I can stick and finish the first spn_j2_bigbang I've been working on so I don't give myself a heart attack. It'd be a nice change of pace.

-> reena_jenkins has done a lovely podfic of my SPN genfic Snuffleupagus. Head on over and snag it and let her know how lovely! There are more SPN and some Avengers fics in the pod-pipeline by different folks so I'm really looking forward to those!

Jeremy Renner thanks you for your time!

keep calm

In Progress

Mostly so I don't panic and madly dash around and think I've forgotten something.

spn_j2_bigbang - Jensen/Jared
Due Date: Rough draft - May 1
Where I'm at: 5k

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spn_cinema - Firestarter - Jensen/Jared
Due Date: Rough draft - April 15th
Where I'm at: 300 words

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help_nz charity fic for deirdre_c - SPN
Due Date: ASAP
Where I'm at: 1k

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help_nz charity fic - Doll!Dean.
Due Date: ASAP
Where I'm at: 300 words

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Loser fic - IDEK!! - Ensemble, Jensen/Cougar
Due Date: Whenever I need a break from writing things I SHOULD be writing
Where I'm at: Around 500 words

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Inception/Gilmore Girls fusion - IDEK +1!! - Arthur/Eames
Due Date: See above
Where I'm at: NO idea (this started life as a kink fill)

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keep calm

"Angry Boy"

I completely, completely lay this at the feet of poisontaster. I have forayed into RPS territory. This won't be a regular occurence but it wrote itself in the car on the way to work this morning and my only excuse is that it makes my brain go numnumnum...

Angry Boy
Milo/Jared. PG13...
Jared is a nice guy.
421 words.

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