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=> I've re-written my Translations, Podfics and Archive Requests post because I've gotten a few very tentative requests to podfic some of my stuff lately and I realised that the blanket 'no' about archiving outside of my own control and translations seems to kind of cover everything in that post which I didn't mean to do. I'm always happy for people to do podfics, remixes, play in my sandbox, what have you. I would appreciate asking first of course but I'll always respond and probably 99.9% of the time in the affirmative. I hope I've made that post a little less vague.

=> I went to see the John Carter movie and the best bit? Was the SUPER LONG 3-D AVENGERS TRAILER HOMG. It even had the Tony-poking-Bruce bit and Bruce was all smiley and exasperated. I have to admit, The Hulk is like, my LEAST favourite superhero of all time. Except that I have great affection for Mark Ruffalo so the Avengers has even found a way for me to like The Hulk. Is there nothing this movie can't do??

=> Puppy!transformation fic of the Clint/Coulson variety! Go check out sirona_gs's ADORABLE fic And I'll cross oceans like never before.
keep calm

Translating, Podfics, Playing in my Sandbox and Archiving Requests

I've gotten a lot of messages about this lately so just thought I would put a little explanation here to kind of put my scattered thoughts into one place.


Blanket permission.

I'm almost always fine with podfics and will usually say yes to those. The only time I would probably hesitate is if you ask about podficcing a story where I know someone is recording it at that very time. I actually think having more than one version of a podfic for a story is fine - people reinterpret in different ways so I think that makes the recordings different even if the content of the story is the same. I just ask that you let me know (afterwards is fine - you don't have to let me know before!) and send me the link after so I can share!


Blanket permission.

ALWAYS okay. Just let me know, I want to see it!

Followups/stories in a verse of mine/remixes

Please let me know first.

Again, usually I'm really flattered about these and most likely will say yes. The only reason I wouldn't for any of these requests is if I'm working on something in that verse at that time and I suspect yours will better it might end up being very similar to the story I'm writing.

Translations and Archiving


I've decided that I'm not really comfortable with others translating my fic or archiving my stories outside my LJ or my own AO3. Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate the offer, I'm just not entirely comfortable with versions of my stories on the internet where I can't be sure what's going on with them. Also, the first couple of times I said yes to translations and I've requested that they provide me with a link to the translated story when it's done, it hasn't happened. The person may have decided not to go ahead with it or what have you but each time I have simply never heard from them again.

I pretty much abandoned the website idea because I didn't feel like I had enough "control". I do well in the job I do in RL because I'm a control freak in certain aspects of my life.

Honestly, if you're going to do .pdf conversions just to pass to friends, I'm totally okay with that too as long as they aren't archived on a website somewhere.

I just wanted to articulate the 'no' with these in a way that doesn't have me umm-ing and ah-ing and being otherwise incoherent about it.