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keep calm

Last Batch *phew*

Welcome to those new to my journal. :)

Here is the last batch. These are the more adult ficlets... thought I'd do these in a clump.


Ficlet the Twelth
Title: "Now and Forever"
Suggested by: lillyjk
Is: Jack/Rodney from pegasus_b? jealous!Jack
Is: Adult
Summary: “Oh, no! No escaping for you, Colonel. You can’t just grab me in the dark and then beg off,”

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Ficlet the Thirteenth
Title: "Damn Alien Plantlife"
Suggested by: 4amcoffee
Is: McShep, Sex Pollen.
Is: Adult
Summary: “Do you want to find your pants first?”

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Ficlet the Fourteenth
Title: "No Matter"
Suggested by: betagoddess
Is: McKay/Sheppard. h/c
Is: Adult
Summary: "I don’t want you to see me differently.”

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Ficlet the Fifteenth
Title: "Final"
Suggested by: sg1atlantis
Is: AU Sheppard/McKay (Okay, asked for twizzler sex aswell and I don't know what twizzlers are... and this is a little... dark.)
Is: Adult/dark
Summary: The attempts to get in start in earnest on the seventh day.

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Edited: Oops... missed one!

Ficlet the Sixteenth
Title: "Unwinding"
Suggested by: mcgyvergal
Is: SG1 smut - either shower or hot tub related and comparing of bruises or scars. (I wasn't sure of the pairing so just went for Sam/Jack)
Is: Adult
Summary: “This one?” she says, spanning her fingers across the raised line of twisted flesh.

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keep calm

Fic for Xmas - "Overlooked"

Written for kuwdora... hope you enjoy!!

Fic 'Overlooked'
Author: kellifer_fic
Webpage: Here
Pairing: Rodney/Jack (PegB)
Rating: PG
Notes: The prompt - Jack/Rodney, pegB! pre-slashy situation that has high sexual tension! maybe off-world
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue!

Note 2: You'll have to forgive me that this isn't offworld... and also it doesn't really fit into the timeline anywhere... just a moment between Rodney and Jack.

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