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In Progress

Mostly so I don't panic and madly dash around and think I've forgotten something.

spn_j2_bigbang - Jensen/Jared
Due Date: Rough draft - May 1
Where I'm at: 5k

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spn_cinema - Firestarter - Jensen/Jared
Due Date: Rough draft - April 15th
Where I'm at: 300 words

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help_nz charity fic for deirdre_c - SPN
Due Date: ASAP
Where I'm at: 1k

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help_nz charity fic - Doll!Dean.
Due Date: ASAP
Where I'm at: 300 words

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Loser fic - IDEK!! - Ensemble, Jensen/Cougar
Due Date: Whenever I need a break from writing things I SHOULD be writing
Where I'm at: Around 500 words

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Inception/Gilmore Girls fusion - IDEK +1!! - Arthur/Eames
Due Date: See above
Where I'm at: NO idea (this started life as a kink fill)

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keep calm


It always awes and humbles me when people take something you wrote and make something else, like reading the fic is not just enough but that it inspires something else. I've had quite a lot of art made for my fic and some stories written based on it and I cherish every single piece.

Then there's the people who do something wholly just plain nice for you. I feel especially blessed with the people on my flist and those that lurk at the edges and those that drop by just to say hi every once in a while. I like the community feel, the giving just for the sake of giving.

Here is another example of that. The lovely too_rational has made a PDF of the combined Doll!Dean fics that includes the wonderful and adorable art by muffinmuff and johanirae. With permission from the creator and the artists I'm offering it up to everyone because it's just too cute. :D


Doll!Verse PDF

I hope anyone that enjoyed the Doll!Dean fics will enjoy this.
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Listen to the sound...

First there was art, now there's podfic! counteragent has recorded the four Doll!dean stories and this week, when everything else is pretty crappy in RL, I'm feeling positively spoiled and squishy.

Title: The Doll!verse
Stories: Doll House, Doll Day Afternoon, Dolls of War, Born Under a Doll Sign
Author: kellifer_fic
Reader: counteragent
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: none; Gen
Rating: G - PG
Length: 33 minutes, 23 seconds
Summary: Dean is a doll. Literally.
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"Doll House"

Title: Doll House
By: kellifer_fic
Fandom: SPN
Rating: G
Category: Sam, Dean (crack)
Words: 882
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue, no money!
Spoilers: None
Notes: Thanks to my beta *superfox*
Summary: A curse leaves Dean a little... short.

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