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- Finally crossed another social network barrier and set up a twitter - just for podficcing stuff though so if you're interested - @kellifer_podfic. Just getting my feet wet at this stage!

- Speaking of - just in final edits of podfic of Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves. Have a couple of other projects in the pipeline but also just got permission to record Cross My Soul so resisting the urge to jump directly from one 30k fic to another... eep!

- Am hoping to snag something awesome for the TW Reverse Bang but alas there are more writers than artists and I'm in an inconvenient timezone so might not... will see how it goes. My WIP folder is probably a little pudgy at this stage to be committing to other stuff but I can't help myself.

- Really looking forward to new Avengers and un-zombified Cliiiiiint - am assuming it will rejuvenate my Clint/Darcy feels - doesn't take much!
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I was just reminded about this website that I've been making use of:

This is a listen and learn website for (at last count) 322 languages. I just used this site for a podfic where there was some Polish and it was so awesome - I found every single phrase from the fic.

I think I might join and add a bunch of pronunciations in Australian. :D I never realized how much stuff I pronounced differently to say, someone in the US, until I lived with an American.
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Happy holidays!

Things I'm hoping to get done in the next day or so.

-> Podfic posting - nearly done. A Xmas-themed Sterek fic that I just adored and was able to get done in a few days! Just need to clean up the spaces and add a lot of jingle bells.

-> [personal profile] oxoniensis's charity fic - FINALLY. It's done, just trying to get through the edits so it's ready for posting!

-> [profile] insmallpackages fic. Due before the 6th but I'd like to try and knock it out before then.

-> Possible [personal profile] brate7's other charity fic - but I don't think I'll make it. I'm definitely aiming to get that one done asap.

-> Next part of 'party of five'.

Happy holidays everyone and be safe!
Stiles Rawr

TW BB fic - it's free (and always will be) - Stiles/Derek

Title: it's free (and always will be)
Author: [profile] kellifer_fic
Artist: [personal profile] maichan
Type: slash - alternate universe (werewolves are known)
Word Count: 31,600
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles

Stiles starts looking around, like there's someone who'll rescue him from this painfully awkward situation and Derek can't blame him. All he can think is this is some kind of elaborate prank Laura is playing on him after she'd found his pile of Fangboy back copies last month.

Or, the one where Derek has to marry a human to save Clawbook and it turns out to be Stiles. He's completely doomed.

 photo title_graphic_zpsbcc1906a.jpg

Link(s) to fic: it's free (and always will be)
Link(s) to art: Livejournal | tumblr
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- I accidentally posted Chapter 12 in place of Chapter 11 on my TW fic the one that's a little bit party of five. Argh! Luckily a few people were kind and brave enough to send me messages letting me know that the chapter posted didn't really make sense and there was a good reason for that! I've been posting staggered between tumblr and AO3 and am a few chapters ahead writing-wise so totally tripped myself up there. I had to log onto tumblr at work (which always makes me nervous because tumblr is basically the realm of SURPRISE PEEN) to post that it had been corrected because people are going to get notifications saying chapter 12 is now posted and will be all, I'VE READ THIS WTH. I don't usually post WIPs and it shows.

- On a related topic - does anyone know where the safe mode setting is on tumblr now? It used to be on the Dashboard setting page and now it's not! I tried googling to find it but all the instructions are outdated. All I could find was the little padlock thingie when you do a tag search but surely there's still somewhere you can just turn it on and off without having to perform a search first!

- There will be new Clint/Darcy fic very soon - I'm posting a bunch of ficlets for a Halloween meme but one of the requests inspired me to write something a little longer - mostly because the request came from my darling [personal profile] laria_gwyn who has gone above and beyond for me beta-wise so many times that I owe her ALL THE FIC!

- Seeing Bill Bailey this weekend and soooo excited!

- How are all of you?
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'Allo allo

-> It's been a while since an update but it doesn't seem like it because I use my DW to write when I'm at work so I'm actually on it everyday pretty much - heh.

-> I'm heading to OzComicCon in a couple of weeks, mostly to support a friend who is re-launching some of his books but also to meet some artists and hopefully catch a sneaky glimpse of Jason Momoa. I bet he's impressive looking in real life. I could buy an autograph/photo op ticket but I'm weird about meeting celebs in real life. They can stay firmly on my screen and away from me. Being in Australia I don't have to worry much about randomly running into many. I met James Marsters the once and apparently both Hugh Jackman and David Wenham have been at the same beach as me at the same time but I tend to run the other way. ALTHOUGH - I am tempted to try and meet Mark Sheppard because c'mon, how often do you get the opportunity to meet Crowley?

-> Got all keen to get to podficcing again and even finished and posted my Darcy/Clint podfic and then developed a wracking cough/flu combo that has destroyed my voice and stamina and has hung on for 3 weeks. I've got a bunch of stuff I want to do, all the permissions I need (either asked or blanket - love blanket permissions!) and CAN'T RECORD ANYTHING FFS.

-> Got a couple of things I'm really looking forward to in the next little while - Comicon and seeing Bill Bailey and heading to Quay restaurant (for those that have watched the Aussie Masterchef - Quay is the home of the famous Snow Egg dessert which is still on the menu and we're planning to eat its face off - NOM!)
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Does anyone know a good online document site (not google docs because that just doesn't work for me well, or really at all) that's simple but reliable? I know I'm probably asking too much from the interwebs for such a beast to exist. :)

Basically - I write at work a lot of the time during my lunch breaks but I'm going to have a quiet week next week so it might be a good opportunity to get the zillion WIPS I have unWIP-ed but google docs at work just doesn't load and I can't access DW (where I normally write) outside of 'social' hours because work blocks it during 'working' hours. (I can access LJ any old time so it's disappointing that the entry part now is bollocks and basically unuseable too).

I would pretty much like to stop using google docs for my file sharing anyway because even at home on my pretty Windows 8 with fast internet - it still freezes and crashes and is basically crap. Am I on an old version and didn't realize it and everyone else is using a shiny new program I don't know about?