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"Happy Birthday To Me"

First off, I was surprised to get no Lorne/Novak prompts. Where were you all? Hee...

So, first of the IIGHIH prompts.

Title: Happy Birthday To Me
By: kellifer_fic
Fandom: SG-1
Rating: Adult
Category: Jack/Sam/Daniel
Words: 1,519
Disclaimer:, Don't own, don't sue, no money!
Spoilers: None
Notes: For macgyvergal's prompt Daniel gets accidentally handcuffed to Sam and Jack has lost the key.

“I don’t have the keys for those.”

Daniel and Sam both turned to Jack, wearing identical frowns. “What?”

“I mean,” Jack smirked, tipping his beer bottle in a small salute. “I appreciate the sentiment and all but you probably should have asked first.”

Sam had asked Jack what he wanted for his birthday and he’d said, “Get creative,” and as an afterthought, “While Daniel is helpless,” with a sly grin. Sam had said to give her five minutes so Jack had retreated to the kitchen and when he came back with a beer tipped to his lips and two others held in his hand, he’d seen… this.

Daniel was turning a disgruntled look to Sam, who had very obviously said something along the lines of trust me when she’d clipped a pair of handcuffs to his wrists, the long chain between them looped once around her waist so they were tethered together. Daniel’s hands were resting on Sam’s sides because there was no more play in the chain.

“What do you mean you don’t have the key?” Daniel demanded, eyes darting between Jack and Sam, probably not sure where to aim his ire.

“I mean, the cuffs were given to me as a gag gift years ago and I never had a key for them. Where did you find them anyway?”

“I found them when we were cleaning out your attic last week,” Sam said. She sighed heavily as she sat back, rump balanced on Daniel’s knees. “I just assumed-“

“Well, you know what happens when you assume,” Jack teased, wagging his finger when he set the two spare beers down on the dining room table.

“Do you have bolt cutters?” Daniel asked.


“How about-?”


“Would you wait until I finish asking?” Daniel snapped, jerking his hands, probably desperate to gesture and Sam gasped as the chain bit into her skin. It wasn’t exactly a pain filled gasp and both men stopped and looked at her.

“What was that?” Daniel asked slowly. Colour had washed across Sam’s features and down her neck and she dropped her forehead onto Daniel’s shoulder.

“Absolutely nothing,” she mumbled against his shirt.

“That wasn’t nothing Carter,” Jack said, stepping down into the lounge room. Sam raised her head and turned to glare at him.

“I, unlike Daniel, have my hands free and am not above strangling you,” she warned but Jack was wearing that half-smirk that always made her pause because it meant he was up to something. When he closed the distance between himself and Daniel and her and insinuated a finger under the chain, running it from one side of her body to the other, she couldn’t contain the shudder that coursed through her body.

Daniel’s eyes widened. “Definitely not nothing,” he said in a strangled tone.

“You know, it’s still my birthday,” Jack reminded them with a grin. “My wish is your command isn’t it?”

Daniel’s pupils were a little blown, but ever the practical man, he huffed a frustrated breath and said, “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here.”

“Hold that thought,” Jack said, disappearing back out into the kitchen. When he returned, he had a pair of scissors in hand and Daniel blanched.

“My hair is short enough,” he snarled, leaning away when Jack approached, nearly tipping Sam off his lap. She hooked a leg tighter around his to save her slide and that distracted Daniel enough to give Jack the opportunity to get the end of the scissors under his shirt collar and make the first cut.

“Hey!” Daniel yelped as Jack tossed the scissors aside and grasped the front of Daniel’s shirt in both hands, Sam tipping backwards enough that he could rip the shirt open. “I liked this shirt,” Daniel grumbled, staring down at the ruins.

“I like this better,” Jack grinned, placing a palm flat on Daniel’s chest, splaying his fingers and Daniel sucked in a breath. Jack then moved around to behind Sam and nudged her arms up, sliding her t-shirt up and off. He chuckled and snapped one strap of Sam’s violet-coloured bra. “Thought you were getting lucky did you?” he asked and Sam’s blush deepened.

“Keep that up and you won’t be,” Sam warned, but her voice melted into a high whine as Jack let his hands skip over her breasts, dipping under the lace to run calloused pads over her nipples before dragging his hands back up to her shoulders.

“So not fair,” Daniel complained, squirming. Sam grinned impishly and reached for Daniel’s belt but had her hands slapped away when Jack circled her waist with his arms and clasped the buckle himself, nudging Sam forward on Daniel’s lap with a shoulder. Daniel let out a small yelp when the heel of Jack’s palm brushed his already half-hard length.

“I think you have way too much freedom,” Jack said, pulling Daniel’s belt free and then moving Sam’s arms behind her back, looping the belt around her wrists.

“Jack,” Sam groaned, turning as much as she could and nipping at his shoulder and he chuckled, moving out of her reach.

“Uh, uh,” he scolded. “It’s my birthday and I want a show.” Jack circled her waist again and as he undid the button and fly of Daniel’s pants, Sam lolled back against him. “Lift up,” Jack ordered. Daniel grunted as he leaned his head back into the couch and lifted his own and Sam’s weight, cords standing out on his neck. “I don’t remember a time either of you were so malleable,” Jack smiled as he yanked Daniel’s pants past his hips and off, Sam leaning forward again so Daniel could lift his feet.

Jack then retrieved the scissors from the end of the couch where they’d ended up and reached under Sam’s skirt, thank god for skirts, and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Particularly attached to these?” he asked, his other hand joining the first but free of scissors, dipping under the waistband of Sam’s underwear and sliding a finger into her.

“Nnnnno…” Sam gasped, arching and there was an accompanying moan from Daniel as she snapped forward and down, grinding against Jack’s hand which was pushed down onto Daniel with her movement.

Jack’s smile was lazy and full of sin as he slid the open scissors first under one side of her underwear and then the other. He tossed the scissors again and then the hand that Sam didn’t have clenched between her thighs grasped the filmy material at the back and yanked it free.

Sam made a startled grunt as Jack pulled his hand free, taking a moment to run fingertips up Daniel’s length again, now fully at attention, before grasping the waistband of his boxers and pulling down. “Up,” he ordered again and even though it looked like more effort this time, Daniel obliged, Sam rising to her knees on either side of Daniel to assist.

Now they were both naked from the waist down and there was only the remnants of Daniel’s shirt on his upper-torso and they were breathing raggedly. Jack loved that they had not tried to kiss, hadn’t tried anything independently of what his hands were allowing them to do apart from Sam’s abortive grab at Daniel’s belt because they both got that he was in control.

Jack moved away and Daniel and Sam watched him warily as he retrieved a chair from the dining room set. He loved them both but no amount of love was going to put the extra cartilage he would need in his knees to be able to kneel for the next part. Instead Jack nudged Daniel’s legs wider, which made Sam have to scoot further into Daniel and settled the chair between Daniel’s knees. He then sat and reached arms around Sam a final time, putting a hand under her ass to coax her back into kneeling up slightly, and his other hand came around to grasp Daniel’s cock, giving it a few gentle tugs before nudging Sam forward and down with just his forehead in the middle of her back.

Sam keened and Daniel took a ragged breath inward as Sam was lowered. Jack pulled his hands away and settled them on Sam’s back, feeling the gentle play of her muscles and giving them silent permission to move.

As Sam slid up and then down again, Jack skated fingers in broad circles on her back, bumping over Daniel’s fingers which were digging into her sides. Jack then leaned forward and traced the line of Sam’s spine with his tongue and she shuddered, crying out in her release, Daniel making a guttural expletive that Jack was pretty sure wasn’t English only seconds after.

Sam slumped forward, cheek resting on Daniel’s shoulder as they both breathed as one. Jack let them come down for a few moments, before reaching into his pocket and pulling something out that clinked softly as he set it down on the couch cushion by Sam’s knee.

Daniel looked down at it, half lidded eyes widening as he recognised that it was a set of keys.

“Oh you bas-"
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