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SPN Fic Master List

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Supernatural Master List

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~~ Wing!Fic ~~

Forgetting To Fall - (Wing!fic) Sam reaches sideways and picks up the hunting knife Dean hadn’t even noticed was sitting on the sink. He hands it to Dean and then braces his thin arms on the lip of the basin. “Can you? I can’t reach.”

Learning To Fly - (Sequel to Forgetting to Fall) He sees the Rawhead grab Sam by the throat and lift him while Dean is still trying to struggle out from underneath the pile of bricks and off-cut wood he landed in. He sees the creature pick up Sam like he weighs nothing and hurl him. Dean sees how one of Sam’s feet clips the edge of the building as he goes over and Dean thinks ten stories, dear Jesus, ten stories.

The Air In Between - (Third installment of the Wing!fic trilogy) “Goddamn show-off,” Dean grumbled as he watched Sam wheel around in a gentle arc and come to rest on the roof opposite. Sam was holding up his crossbow, wings flared wide and Dean could see from where he was that Sam was grinning.

Feather Weight - (Continuation of the Wing!verse) Sam loses his wings after the son of a local tries to fly.

The Bad Guy - (Installment of the Wing!verse) - This is Edgar Casen.

Mend These Broken Things - A curse sees Dean with wings and Sam with his memories back... or are they?

Bone And Sky - Dean always thought it was his job to protect Sam.

Hunter's Moon - Having wings is not the worst thing that can happen.

Brambles And Bones - The boys try to break out of their hermit-like tendancies and as always, it never goes the way they planned.

Little Bird - wee!chesters.

Good Samaritan - Wee!chesters.

Untitled ficlets - A series of ficlets set in the wing!fic verse.

Family Ground - future!fic.

Tiny Bones - future!fic.


Doll House - “Dude, that’s not even funny. Where the hell did you get that thing anyway?” Sam asked on a Tuesday morning when he woke up to a very realistic-looking Dean doll in the bed opposite him, sheet pulled up over its tiny torso and head on the pillow.

“What thing?” the doll asked and Sam fell out of bed.

Doll Day Afternoon - Followup to Doll House. Dean has to spend 15 days as a doll.

Dolls Of War - Cut scenes from when a curse made Dean huggable

Born Under A Doll Sign - This time, Sam doesn't exactly see the funny side.


A Boy And His Hand - “What? You going to call the People for Ethical Treatment of Severed Hands on me Sammy?” Dean snorted, dropping onto the bed and leaning back with a tired sigh.

A Guy's Gotta Do - Dean takes on a washing machine. The winner? Not too clear.

A Heartbeat At My Feet - SPN/HDM. An event in their childhood leaves Sam and Dean Winchester separated without knowing the true reason why - that reuniting could kill them both.

A Justifiable Dislike of Halloween -Dean’s face was filled with glee, looking like a kid on Christmas morning. “Sammy, dragons!” he crowed. “I haven’t gotten to kill any of these in years.”

“Wait, you’re just going to kill them? They’re babies,” Sam protested, his face taking on the tragic look he had worn every time his Father had said no to a puppy.

A World Of His Own Making - “Gotta be a curse,” Dean mused, mostly to himself, keeping half an eye on Sam who was running a small truck around the carpet. He was using the various stains as a kind of road and Dean knew he was going to have to find a better place for them to stay, and soon. Coda Wolves At The Door.

And All But He Departed - Crossover, SPN/Discworld - Death is looking for someone to job share.

And Hell Followed With Him - Gen, spn_summergen entry. Sam transplanted to a world where he never lived but the rest of his family did.

and all things nice - It's that old genderswap curse... or it isn't.

Bearing - John gives Dean a teddy bear and it isn't a weapon.

Boy Talk - A little while ago there was a debate floating around about what women preferred to call a certain part of the male anatomy.

Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Five ways the Winchesters deal with being undead.

Cast A Long Shadow - You cast a long shadow, as you ride off into the sunset.

Charity Starts At Home - Crossover - SPN/Iron Man - Pepper just wants to give them both a sandwich.

Cinderella Never Had Days Like This - Gen, Humour - "We need to remove anything dangerous and get out of here before the glamour lifts and the whole street can see... you know, house made of candy."

Civil Disobedience - Little Sammy was always going to be a lawyer.

Coming Up Short - Getting cursed on halloween is such a cliche.

Corner Of The Eye - Sam is cursed into seeing.

Counting Winchesters - Future!fic - Dean reads to Sam's son, in his own special way.

Dead Man Kinda Shambling - Dean had had very specific ideas about what he and Sam would be doing when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happened. Coda - A Tail Of Two Bunnies

Do Winchesters Dream Of Electric Impalas - Gen - Dean was made to be a Big Brother. (Companion piece Now Wait For Last Year)

Dorsum Ad Dorsum - Big Bang - Seventeen years ago, a small family survives a terrible fire. Later, the mother disappears, taking the youngest son with her. Over the intervening years, Dean, the oldest son watches their trail go cold and his father sink further and further into despondency. Now he hunts alone and will learn that the only thing worse than never finding his family... is finding them.

Drawn - Supernatural/QAF (Gen) - “Wow, you’re really tall,” Mikey observed shakily as Sam stood to his full height. Mikey stretched his arms above his head and encountered nothing. “I’m kinda getting a ‘trapped down a well with no Lassie’ feeling,” he said as Sam dropped to one knee again and Mikey slid off backwards.

Eating After Midnight or How To Survive When You Find Yourself In A Horror Movie - Winchesters and a whole lotta Gremlins.

Five Pets The Winchesters Almost Had - Dean was unpacking Sam’s school bag when he paused, holding his little brother’s thermos in hand.

Five Times Dean Was Truly Afraid - Something caught his ankle and Dean went down onto his hands and knees. He felt a boot press into his shoulder, trying to force him the rest of the way down and he rolled sideways instead, coming up in a crouch. A hand came out of nowhere and raked bloody furrows into his cheek and that was when Dean stopped playing nice and started throwing punches.

Five Times Sammy Wasn't - These are the times Sammy... wasn't.

Five Times Sammy Lost His Shoe - Five times Sammy lost his shoes.

Frozen Peas - Preseries, Dean just wishes Sammy would fight back.

Funny Bones - John Winchester is a little stumped when it comes to Xmas shopping for Dean.

Gain Or Regain Liberty - wee!chesters.

Gift - Sometimes Dean forgets, he loves Sam, has always loved him, but sometimes he forgets that he genuinely likes him, too.

Heart Of A Lion, Head Of A Pin - Castiel inbibes.

Here Be Dragons - A coda to Corner Of The Eye

Hospital Corners - A coda to 3x11.

Hurl'd Headlong - Gen, episode coda (4.01).

I Only Sleep With My Guns When You're Gone - A curse has Dean seeing someone he hasn't seen in a long time.

I Solemnly Swear - Kids say the darndest things...

I'm Not Touching You - and other brotherly related arguments no one can win.

Interlude In W Minor - S4 coda.

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - A body swap has Dean seeing a Sam he'd thought he'd lost forever. (Sam/Jess implied)

Kill Shot - How Winchesters play laser tag.

lil-i-pyooh-shuhn - Gen, crackfic. Wee!Sam... no, really.

The Long And Winding Road - Crossover with SG-1/Buffy - Sam/Cameron/Faith. Apocafic.

Looking For Grey - (SPN/Buffy - Sam, Oz) - Dean had said no.

Actually, Dean had laughed, coughed and then groaned, forehead shiny with fever-sweat and had then said no.

Majestic Domestic - Domesticity, Winchester style.

Making Peace - "I never thanked you."

Masquerading As A Man Of Reason - When Sam's powers appear to be getting out of control, Dean asks for help.

Maw - “That’s a big fuckin’ dog man.”

Monkey Paw - Be careful what you wish for.

My Daddy Didn't Have Days Like This - (Crossover, SPN/SGA) - Dean and Sam Winchester in Atlantis. Sequels - My Daddy Was A Soldier Man and My Daddy Listened To Queen (On The Tapedeck In His Chevrolet)

Normal Is Just Another Word For Nothing Much To Do - “Dean, I asked you to give him a haircut, not squash him,” John says, coming into the boys room to find Sam pinned on his stomach, flailing and squirming with Dean sitting on his back, Sam’s arms pinned under Dean’s knees.

Not The World I Left Behind - Between blinks, Dean Winchester loses five years. (Apocafuturefic)

Of All The Floors I've Slept On - “We’ll sleep here. Someone will open up in the morning.”

Older Than The Days He Had Seen - Would it have changed them, to have an older brother?

One Red Sock. There are just some things that Sam knows.

Peace Talks - Sometimes they forget they're friends too.

Picture Perfect - Dean's need to see Sam happy is almost his undoing.

Reading The Fine Print - When you make a deal with the devil, you should always read the fine print.

Running Around And Falling Off Things - Sequel to 'Tired' - injuries not from the hunt.

She Is Your Mirror - How can you miss something you never knew was lost?

Simultaneity - Sam develops a new power.

Sleeping Between Rest Stops - Dean is ever vigilant while Sam sleeps.

Snuffleupagus - Sometimes imaginary friends... aren't.

Soldier - Dean had always been a good soldier.

Squabbling Dogs - Sam didn't always know when Dean was looking out for him.

Stay Sharp - Preseries (Stanford), Dean keeping tabs.

The Sum Of His Parts - Some said those boys were so wrapped up in each other, it was like they were one person.

The Summer of Standing Still - John leaves the boys with Bobby one summer when Dean has a broken leg.

Sunday Morning Coming Down - Mary was the one to survive, Sam to hunt and Dean to leave.

That Thing We Never Talk About (And I Mean Ever) - The most annoying but harmless curse ever.

The Boy Who Walked on Stilts - In a world where John Winchester has given his life early for the hunt, his sons are raised separately. One by a holy man and one by a hunter.

The Crowded Room - Dean never realised how right he was when he started thinking that there was a stranger in his passenger seat.

The League Of Fairly Unusual Gentlemen - Crossover with SG-1/SGA/BTVS/ANGEL.

The Road Less Travelled - Were John and Sam always on this road?

The Pen Is Mouthier Than The Sword - It all starts with a witch.

The Skin Horse - Dean has always been grounded by contact, needing to touch.

Thirty Days - Before Dean's deal comes due, Sam asks for one thing. Time.

Three Jobs - Three times Dean could've written something other than hunter in the occupation box.

Tired Most of the Time, Exhausted The Rest - Cataloging their lives through the injuries they sustain.

Training Winchester - Most kids get to look forward to Summer, but then most kids aren't Winchesters.

Two Little Ducks - John finds out what Dean gets up to on a Friday night.

Velcro Monkey - They all had their concerned faces on, the type he saw when he rolled up to school in a shirt with a hole in it or no packed lunch but Dean sensed that this was somehow worse, especially when three teachers got together at lunchtime to watch and frown and whisper before one of them broke off, heading straight for his brother. Sequel - Replacement Monkey.

Wackiness Ensues - The boys have to get their hands on a Chaos demon.

Walking On These Shattered Bones - Dean really didn’t believe that the demon would walk Sam off the edge of that building right up until it actually did it.

What A Father Would Do - (Gen, John POV) - There is one hunt John Winchester never wanted to go on. For his sons.

Where Roads Meet - Bobby meets the Winchesters.

You Break It, You Bought It - Dean has some strange ideas about what's his.


Grabbing A Shark By The Tail - (SPN/GG, Sam/Rory) - A reporter tracks the Winchester brothers, sensing that there is more to their story than a police file can tell her.

Lethe - (Sam/Dean implied) Amnesia!fic.

that thing that's golden - (Sam/Dean) - Dean's not sure how, but he can tell even though Sam speaks with only his hands, when his brother is being sarcastic.

Pup - (Sam/Madison) - "Dean thinks our kid is pretty screwed."

Setting Down Your Boots - (Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC) - This is where they stop.

I Dreamed Of Flying - (SPN/Heroes, Dean/Peter) - “You’re a big brother, aren’t you?”

Ties That Bind - When she gets a hold of the tie and runs it through her fingers, Sam ducking his head so she doesn’t have to reach up as high to hook it over his neck, she realises that she is just done with the whole friends thing they have going on.

Fifty Miles Of Humiliation - Sam/Jess. Girl meets boy. Girl falls on her ass. Boy falls for girl.

Just Hold On - Sam/Jess, Dean - When family calls, you answer.

Five Times Dean Winchester Tries To Leave - Sam/Dean - “You were supposed to be a married lawyer and I was supposed to die alone.”

Not The Usual Way We Do Things - SPN/Buffy - Sam/Faith, Dean - He was starting to wonder if this girl was just plain crazy, but there was the whole absence thing, like she was a girl-shaped hole cut out of the world instead of existing in it. That and she did, indeed, hit like a truck.

Tethered - (Sam/Dean implied) Dean isn’t sure when protecting Sam became less an onerous duty and more a compulsion.

What A Brother Wouldn't Do - (Dean/vamp!Sam) - There is one order John Winchester gives that Dean won't follow.

Three Day Pass - Crossover, Aliens/SPN, Dean/Hicks.

You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work Here (But It Helps) - Sam/Jess Mariano (Crossover SPN/GG)

Better Than Real - (Crossover, DH4/SPN, Sam/Matt) - "I heard you were in jail."

Claw And Grin - Crossover, SPN/SGA, Sam W/Ronon - werewolf!fic.

But For The - Sam/Alternate!Dean, apocafic.

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  • Reads - rec me!

    Anyone have any recs for longer fic / podfic for me to download for my Xmas roadtrip? Feel free to use it as an excuse to Incept me into a fandom I…

  • Charity fic items

    The lastest round of Charity auction-ness has prompted something in my back brain to say hey, I think you owe some people some things. I'm pretty…

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    As the Xmas season draws nigh: - If anyone has me on their card list (I know a few of you do!) - I have moved. I am in the same apartment complex…