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Crossovers/Misc Master List

Finally, getting this done. Below you will find my pegb, crossovers and Firefly, BSG, Office etc fic.

Category; Gilmore Girls

Eclipse - Amnesiaapocazombiefic.

Cover It In Chocolate And A Miracle Or Two - Dean/Rory future!fic.

And So Say All Of Us - Future!fic, Rory's birthday.

Category; Heroes

Bought And Paid For - Nathan/Peter/Claire - Peter’s convulsions taper off and he goes limp. For a second there is no sound and then Peter drags in a great lungful of air and shudders. Claire is laughing, high and shaky and on the knife-edge of hysteria. Nathan pulls himself across the floor and wraps his arms around them both, holding them pressed to him. He feels one of Claire’s hands fist in his sleeve and Peter’s lips are against his throat.

Paying Your Own Way - (Gen) He’s sensitive his mother says and Nathan thinks that’s just her way of saying weak.

Take (Peter, Gen) - They underestimate him at first.

Category; The Office

Exit Interview - Pam/Jim - She’s not sure what possesses her, but she agrees to one final interview, a wrap-up they call it, something to seed through the series.

Passing Through - Ryan/Ensemble - Ryan freezes because he would know that clipped tone anywhere and Angela still hasn’t forgiven him for breaking one of her cat figurines, or at least accusing him of breaking it. He actually saw Dwight do it and told her as much and she had simply said, “There is a special place in hell for liars.”

Category; Angel

Disappointing Her - Faith/Wesley - "Because I let you down so badly."

Category; DH4

Morning Coffee - Matt/John.

Category; Firefly

Sharp Edges - Jayne/Kaylee - He watches her and she doesn't know it.

Killing Time - Jayne/Kaylee - “I ain’t as innocent as everyone seems to believe,” Kaylee was arguing, a hand around his bicep. “The first time the Captain met me, I was on my back underneath his last mechanic.”

Alone - Mal/Zoe - They had joked about it once.

Holding Grief in Your Hands - Wash/Zoe (post-serenity).

Category; Battlestar Galactica

Simple Needs - Helo/Dee - She sees him hesitate in the doorway, looking exhausted and noting there is already a body in every rack.

How It Ends - Kara/Lee friendship - Is this how it ends, Kara?

Category; Xmen (movieverse)

Need - Logan/Marie - There is no time for foreplay or niceties.

Category; Crossovers

The League Of Fairly Unusual Gentlemen - (SPN/SG-1/SGA/BTVS/Angel) - Cameron Mitchell asked for the most secret, out there gig he could get. He wasn't actually expecting it.

Passing Fancy - SGA/Angel (Lorne/Faith) - "What do you do, soldier boy?"

Soldier Boy - SGA/Angel (Lorne/Faith) - She calls him Soldier Boy.

Effortless - SG-1/SGA (Sam/Daniel friendship) - She hadn’t seen that light in Daniel’s face for a long time and seeing it now, Samantha Carter realized she’d missed it.

Gone Fishin' - John/Jack friendship - He didn't know whose idea it was exactly but Jack had definitely been the one to say fishing and he had said puddlejumper but it didn't really matter.

Overlooked - SGA/SG-1 (pegb - Jack/Rodney preslash) - A moment between Jack and Rodney in a lab.

Between - (pegb - Jack/Rodney preslash) - Rodney has known exhaustion.

Now and Forever - SGA/SG-1 (pegb - Jack/Rodney) - “Oh, no! No escaping for you, Colonel. You can’t just grab me in the dark and then beg off,”

The Palest Sky - SGA/SG-1 (John/Teyla, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Rodney(implied)) - Alone and while not forgotten but merely avoided, Aiden Ford dwells in the city’s embrace but although his form is frozen, his mind is not. It has been testing it’s limits and has found a way out, spreading tentative fingers through the city like smoke. He had been content to stay where he was, trapped lightning in a bottle, while there was a voice in the darkness. Some baser part of Ford’s mind had realized that that voice has not been heard in days, and takes it upon itself to find it.

Red Sky At Dawn - SGA/SG-1 (John/Teyla, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Ronon) - Some people that live within the walls of the floating city, think of Atlantis as a living being.

Strengthening this idea is the way she shifts and shudders is response to the still constant seismic activity.

Exchange Program - SG1/SGA Jack/Rodney - Rodney’s eyes grew round again, much the same way they had when he’d regarded the Asgard device and Jack supposed, considering who he was dealing with, that he should be flattered.

Slot A Into Slot B - SG1/SGA Sam/Rodney - “Oh for heaven’s sake, yes, I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Drawn - Supernatural/QAF - “Wow, you’re really tall,” Mikey observed shakily as Sam stood to his full height. Mikey stretched his arms above his head and encountered nothing. “I’m kinda getting a ‘trapped down a well with no Lassie’ feeling,” he said as Sam dropped to one knee again and Mikey slid off backwards.

“Don’t worry,” Sam assured, smiling. “I have a Lassie.”

Babette's Plague - SG1/SGA Jack/Daniel - They both stood, looking warily at each other for a few moments, breathing heavily, Daniel recovering from his fright and Jack from his giggles. They both grinned and Jack punched Daniel in the shoulder affectionately. “Should we start again, this time like normal people?” he asked and Daniel snorted.

“You’ve never been normal.”

Back To Normal - (SG-1/BTVS - Daniel/Willow) - Willow finds a little piece of normal.

Last Man Standing - BSG/SG-1 The Cylons and the Ori battle to gain Earth for themselves. All the while, Earth prepares. **WIP**

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