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Okay - so I pretty much skim LJ and DW most days - but the last time… - Kellifer_fic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 15th, 2015|01:01 pm]
Okay - so I pretty much skim LJ and DW most days - but the last time I actually posted was April? Really? I think I don't realize because I use DW to write at work so it looks like I'm posting all the time. So, this meme going around which is useful for a catch up!

So what have you been up to? / Major life changes? Same old same old?

I've moved... into another apartment in the same building complex. So, that's not really major but what is is that I'm no longer living with the flatmates I was with for 8 years. Nothing bad - they are moving to the US so me getting another place before they go and a place coming up in the same complex means everything is easy peasy. My bestie is Aussie and her husband is American and they just got approval today for her to go so they are really going and SOON. They're basically selling their place in the next few weeks and then... *sniffs mightily* End of an era and a big change!

I will also be without my cats because we had adopted three over our years together but they are moving to a farm in the US and the cats all really love each other so even though they would have been happy with me keeping the first one me and bestie got when we first moved in, I couldn't do it. I had to go with what was best for them so even though it breaks my heart I'm letting them go.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

Still TW mostly and MCU. I've been listening to a lot of SGA podfic and some Inception lately because I'd listened to most of the longer TW fic that was available and I have about a 2 hour roundtrip commute to work so that's been fun and nostalgic.

Where do you hang out online

Here (LJ and DW), on tumblr and I'm posting to AO3 still. I also have a fannish twitter now I mostly use for podfic stuff @kellifer_podfic but other stuff creeps in there every now and again.

What are you reading?

I've been mostly listening to podfic and watching Bob's Burgers in bed before I go to sleep. I have a pile of books I want to read and never have time - I'm mostly relying on my commute podfic to get new fic these days. Argh.

What are you watching?

Still hanging in there with TW because we watch it as a household (not for much longer *cries*). Started Orphan Black recently with a mate and enjoying it (we are trading off - he makes me watch OB and I'm making him watch In The Flesh). Just random stuff otherwise. There's this English game show called Pointless I'm obsessed with lately and I'm giving this season of ANTM a go and hoping it's less all over the place. They got rid of the social media voting thank god which was weird and offputting and they've reformatted based on the Australian version. We're only on the first few eps here so no spoilers! :D

What are you making?

Still writing, making podfic (slowly, ugh).

What are you squeeing about today?

Looking forward to seeing the new Maze Runner on the weekend!

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be…

If anything, I would want to zap my brain into liking Bucky/Steve because that's where a lot of my favourite writers have migrated. Don't know why it doesn't appeal to me, it should. *sigh*

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Anything, everything.

What else is on your mind?

I have a whole bunch of prompts I got from tumblr to work through - including an MCU one where Tony is Darcy's dad and she's dating Steve... although I'm kinda tempted to write it as Darcy/Clint because the hilarity! (although the prompter may keel me!)

[User Picture]From: tabaqui
2015-09-15 03:53 am (UTC)
*waves at you*
Hi hi hi! :)

Nice to see you, bb! And aw, sad for losing your flatmates and kitties, but...new things! Change! Sometimes it's very good. And there are always kitties out there needing a home.

Yes, it's too bad you don't like Steve/Bucky, there's a ton of really good fic out there. I'm writing Steve & Bucky, but it's gen, so maybe....? Well, two parts are already up and perhaps you already read them, i can't remember. *rolls eyes*

ANYWAY..... Nice to see you! *waves more*
You need to watch Sense8 and also Mad Max, homg. They both kick ass. And the MM fic? Off the charts. :)
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[User Picture]From: kellifer_fic
2015-09-16 12:34 am (UTC)
OMG - Mad Max - I have seen it and am in looooove. Max is such a puppy! Tom Hardy, my god! Plus the ladies - all the ladies being awesome!

I haven't really read any MM fic - I must admit that I don't feel that fannish urge when the canon material gives me enough emotional noshing and OMG THE EMOTIONS. I think my emotions were filled up by the awesome that was that piece of cinema. Of course if YOU write any that would be totally different!

I also have Sense8 on my list! Apparently a few friends and I have a marathon in the future planned. ;D

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[User Picture]From: tabaqui
2015-09-16 07:16 pm (UTC)
Heeee! Yis. Everything about Mr. Hardy in the movie is just.....

And i could watch the Wives and Furiosa and the Vuvalini all friggin' day. :)

The fic that i've been reading is mostly 'stuff that happens after', and oddly - a lot of het, which i don't actually mind. More in-depth looks at the War Boys and that whole culture, stuff like that. It's all so *good*! I love post-apocalypse, but i dunno if i could write anything or not....

............DAMN YOU.

Whooo! Sense8 is fucking amazing. You will love it!
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[User Picture]From: kellifer_fic
2015-09-18 05:58 am (UTC)
Oooooh - feel free to point me to any of that kind of thing - I've only really seen some Max/Furiosa and noncon stuff turn up on my dash and neither interest me in the least. Max and Furiosa are platonic BFFs and the other stuff... neh neh neh way!

War boy culture after the women come back and take over would be interesting though! Oh, and anything you might feel compelled to write of course... *poke* *poke* *pokepokepoke*


I'm looking forward to Sense8 - I've heard good things!
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[User Picture]From: tabaqui
2015-09-19 06:02 am (UTC)
Yes, I dunno why people gotta go that way.... I mean, yes, there is rape/non-con implied in the movie, but you don't need to like...*embroider* on it....

Anyway - I'm currently reading and enjoying these: http://archiveofourown.org/series/290441




Just a few for now, but really good ones, I think. :)
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[User Picture]From: kellifer_fic
2015-09-21 06:22 am (UTC)
It's just not my bag - I'm fine if people want to write/read it, I just choose not to. Hell, I'm sure there are zillions of people who think AUs are bizarre and wonder why I write them/like them. :D

I will check these out! Thanks dollface!
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[User Picture]From: trillingstar
2015-09-17 06:18 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry about your cats. I've been in a similar situation of household and having to give up pets, too. It sucks. Even when you know they're together and having fun being farmers. Still.

I AM HERE so you can talk about ANTM whenever you would like. I usually watch it online a couple days after it airs and I am all caught up (and also will not spoil you). Any early favourites? Who can't you wait to get cut!? *eeeee*

I was also glad that they got rid of the focus on social media, especially the rando social media vote. I'd rather they have the guest photographer at panel instead of Bryanboy (not that they're doing this but that's what I would like ;)

I will also rec Sense8. AND, a German movie called Free Fall that stars one of the guys from Sense8 (I saw the movie first and thusly have always had confusing headcanons because of this) and it is all sexy and angsty with lots of room for fannish endeavours. I've been on a TomHardy kick lately, triggered after watching Mad Max a couple of times I guess ;) and I've been watching a (looong) movie called Warrior with Nick Nolte and TomHardy -- in bits because it focuses on MMA which is basically the opposite of my interests -- but, everyone is very good and TomHardy's character is all sorts of messed up, which, from a fannish narrative perspective, ME LIKEY. Also I just snagged a miniseries called The Take (2009) with TomHardy where apparently he plays a Very Bad Man really well.
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[User Picture]From: kellifer_fic
2015-09-18 05:53 am (UTC)

Nyle - I LOVE Nyle so far - his beautiful eyes and I just want to squish his lovely, scruffy, adorable FACE. I want to SLAP IT WITH GUSTO I LOVE IT SO. :D I was tempted to google him but refrained in case I got accidentally spoilered that he gets booted the very next ep or something. I'm only on ep 4 I think - I'm not sure how far behind we are.

We had Tyra on the Australian top model finale here so that's why I thought she might have snagged our scoring system because the very next season the US ANTM one is the same as ours - heh. Our local series hasn't had boys in the mix yet but it's good - really back to the basics of the series - last cycle was won by a girl who was driving big mining rigs in the middle of Australia before she signed up.

OMG - the social media vote was so terrible and awkward and BAD TELEVISION. I'm glad they abandoned it. I couldn't watch that cycle after about 2 episodes. I just like seeing the photo shoots and the photos and Nyle's lovely hairy chest... AHEM.
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[User Picture]From: askani
2015-09-23 10:37 am (UTC)
That really sucks about your friend and your cats. :(

I love that you are still in the TW fandom, I actually mostly read your SPN fic on lj but noticed on your AO3 account you mostly have your TW fic. Would you consider posting some of your SPN fic [like Not The World I Left Behind] on AO3?

I was really into the HP fandom for a long time and I still go back and read fic from then, but a lot of people who I enjoyed reading now write in other fandoms, like Dr. Who and Sherlock and I find I just can't get into that.

I like Orphan Black, it's quite good. New this TV season are two shows you might enjoy, Limitless, and Blindspot.
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[User Picture]From: kellifer_fic
2015-09-25 03:54 am (UTC)
I've been thinking about that - I've seen some other people posting their older work. I'm just not sure if I want to transfer it. I'll keep pondering. :)
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