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Fanworks Auction [Jun. 29th, 2014|09:43 pm]
I'm offering my services here.

What I'm offering:

1 x Teen Wolf fic of over 1000 words - Stiles/Derek
1 x Avengers/MCU fic of over 1000 words - Clint/Darcy

Samples of my work: On my AO3
Fandoms: Per above
Likes: AUs, movie fusions, future!fic, domestic, canon fic, case files, found family, crack, est. rel, pretend!relationship.
Squicks/Dislikes: PWP, mpreg, any kind of 'con - non/dub. I'm more a fade to black girl than anything.
Minimum bid: Every little bit helps!

It might take me a little while to complete - but I get 'er done. I'll keep you informed of my progress.

ETA: Sorry about that - the link was borked but should be working now.