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SG-A Fic Index

Onto the SGA fix index. The next one up will be my misc fic index which will have Firefly, Battlestar, Buffy and the single LOTR story I wrote plus any crossover fic... hee.

Onto the SGA fic listing...

Category; SGA Gen

Monday's Child - Challenge fic - the Atlantis characters playing at Atlantis in school.

The Basics of Science Fiction - Rodney McKay liked to think that his adolescent years spent watching science fiction did not mark him a geek but was instead valuable training for life in the Pegasus Galaxy.

An Extension Unto Me - John's gun is an extension of his body.

A Day In The Life of Radek Zelenka - There is a ripping noise and Radek falls.

Run, Rabbit, Run - One night after supper, the lead dog turned up a snowshoe rabbit. The dog lay down low to the race, his body flashing forward, leap by leap.

One Good Day - Rodney was drenched head to foot, one of his eyebrows had been singed off and he was laughing, a great deep belly laugh that echoed through the halls.

The Art of Prodding A Sleeping Lion -“Have I lost my… you know… cute?”

The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy - Life is hard in the Pegasus Galaxy and doing the right thing, even harder.

Minor In Action - Angsty gen kid!fic.

The Past Always Finds You - Followup to 'Minor In Action'.

What He Needs - Ronon POV ~ He would let the words wash over him in a tide, allowing them to block out the sound of his own breathing that he had grown to hate over the last seven years.

I, Teyla - What wakes Teyla in the night is the way it feels when she enters a Wraith’s mind, why she will volunteer for it. It’s familiar, like a well-trodden road, like nothing in Atlantis feels.

Category; SGA Het Pairing


Braced - “No. We need you to be able to walk after this,” she said, trying to shimmy up further as well.


One Impossibly Bad Day **


In Sickness And In Health - Aliens make them... get married.

A "Relationship From Scratch" series:~ (In chronological order)

Moved to Distraction - “The reason I ask is because when you don’t think anyone is watching, you’re completely different.”

Girl's Poker Night - “Oh please,” Olsem huffed. “We’re for all intents and purposes living in a small town. Everyone knows everything.”

I Never -

“My turn. I have never owned a Madonna album.”

Lorne’s mouth dropped open and then with a grimace he took the flask back and took a swallow. Novak snorted. “It’s always the quiet ones,” she mused.

Asgard Tact - “Anyway, he thought if I could see that you were okay then I would stop… being concerned,” Novak finished and Lorne recognised the look of a woman desperate for the Earth to open up and swallow her whole.

See Where Drinking Gets You - “This is way too early in this thing we have going for you to see me like this, right?” Lorne asked and Lindsay would have thought he was joking if he didn’t actually sound so genuinely worried.

Five Disastrous Dates - Sometimes the Universe is really out to screw you, or make sure you aren't.

Duty Bound - Sheppard blinked, and then ran a hand over his face. “Jesus, Lorne, no,” he sighed, sounding tired. “I made a command decision. We’re not going in guns blazing-“

“Why the hell not?” Lorne demanded and John paused, looking at Lorne with an inscrutable expression.

A Wonderful Life - Ever get the feeling the life you're living is not your own?

Intervention - Of all the people to bring it up, Sheppard is the last one he expects to.


Hunger - It should disturb her more that she can hear the heartbeat through the skin.

Category; SGA Slash Pairing


The Postcard Series - In Passing, In Flux and At Rest - AU John/Rodney that circles around to their meeting in Atlantis and starts in high school.

The Blade - Someday you will be sold. Sequel - Aegis.

These were the words spoken to John Sheppard when he was six years old.

Fears - "Mphmhphm," John managed to non-answer because it was too much of an effort to raise his head off the mattress to be more coherent.

He loved it that Rodney understood him anyway.

Aftermath - Rodney felt an icy fist grip his heart because he just knew that the limp figure being dragged by his field jacket collar and covered from head to foot in what looked like a mixture of mud and blood was Sheppard.

Almost - "Were you lecturing me when I was unconscious?"

If At First You Don's Succeed - Try, try again.

Little Bear and the sequels Sun Bear,Kodiak and the coda Five People Who Stole Little Bear... - Animaltransformation!fic.

Five Ways They Tell Someone - Five ways fic - how John and Rodney are "revealed".

But For The Grace - Two prisoners on death row have a connection.

Close But No Donut - Aliens made them do it... or at least, they were supposed to.

Familial - John marvelled again at the difference between the military and civilian mindset.

The Scientists saw two adorable kids.

The Marines saw something horrible that could happen when you stepped through the stargate.

Slow and Steady - He rolled onto his side and narrowed his eyes. “You do realise I’m armed, don’t you?” he asked.

Final - The attempts to get in start in earnest on the seventh day.

Damn Alien Plantlife - "Do you want to find your pants first?"

Five Ways - Rodney McKay drives John Sheppard insane, but he loves him anyway.

Marked - “Can I… I mean, can I… see it?”

Bluffing Marines - Rodney froze, knowing that what they had been doing was stupid and reckless but he hadn’t been able to resist because, well, just because.

The Power of Flight - “You’re not a superhero. Stop thinking you’re invincible.”

It's the Firewater That Gets You - “Admit I’m right,” John said, slinging an arm over Rodney’s.

“Never in a million years,”

Hegira - “Yes you did,” John said in a low voice, staring out the front window. “You were all caught up in the excitement of rescuing someone and now, weeks later, you’ve realised that maybe you know nothing about me.”

She's Taller Than Most - “Don’t say it.”

Rodney’s mouth fell open and he made flappy hands in John’s general direction so John rolled his eyes and muttered, “Fine, if it’ll stop you doing that then go right ahead.”

“You’re a girl!”

Warning Labels - “What are you doing? Don’t touch that!”

Open Road - The Team take a roadtrip their first time on Earth.

Removed ** - Amnesia!fic/Off!world fic.

The Subtle Art Of Avoidance - John Sheppard Doesn't Do Confrontation.

Break In The Road - John and Rodney earthside.


Before You - He's man enough to recognise that he is conflicted.


Five Ways They Tell Someone - Lorne/Parrish - Only a few moments later he felt long fingers tangle through his hair and realised it was the first time either of them had been unguarded in their affection outside their own rooms.

Category; SGA Threesomes and Moresomes


Abscido - Sateda is a nation standing against the Wraith. Once mighty, they now rely on raids to other worlds to fill their military. On Ra-Yeda, circumstance leads to the capture of two men who may be their downfall. **WIP**

Category; Crossovers

Claw And Grin - Sam Winchester/Ronon - werewolf!fic.

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