kellifer_fic (kellifer_fic) wrote,

Fic: "Dorsum ad Dorsum" - Master Post

Title: Dorsum ad Dorsum
Author: kellifer_fic
Genre: Gen
Rating: Adult (Language and adult themes)
Words: 20,703

Summary: “Something happened,” John says, gripping the wheel hard. “I need… I need to know what happened.”

Seventeen years ago, a small family survives a terrible fire. Later, the mother disappears, taking the youngest son with her. Over the intervening years, Dean, the oldest son watches their trail go cold and his father sink further and further into despondency. Now he hunts alone and will learn that the only thing worse than never finding his family... is finding them.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words. No money made, no insult intended.

Notes: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Further notes here.

Art by apieceofcake. Art link.

- Prologue - Then - Now (Part 1) - Now (Part 2) -

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