kellifer_fic (kellifer_fic) wrote,

"it's guy love (between two guys)"

So, I was in the mood for something schmoopy.

Title: it's guy love (between two guys)
Rating: PG (Language)
Category: Jared/Jensen
Fandom: SPN
Wordcount: 972 words.

"Do you ever think it's weird?"

They're in Jared's trailer playing Mario Cart. Apparently, Jensen's sole function in the game is to be Jared's bitch which is annoying but not unexpected. While he's getting is ass kicked he has time to muse about a few things, including his most recent trip home and his visit with Steve and Chris.

There'd been a similar... theme to the gentle ribbing he'd received.

"I mean, y'know, how close we are?"

His sister, after hugging the daylights out of him, had then proceeded to wave a hand in the air by his left side and frown. "Something's missing... it's usually right here," she'd said with an evil glint in her eyes. Steve's first question after Jensen's well being was where Jared was and Chris had even asked him where his better half had gotten to.

Jensen had shrilled at all of them mostly the same way, defending his right to be a human on his own and how he wasn't always with Jared. Also, if even one more single member of his family used the term Padackles when referring to him and Jared like they were one mutant being he was going to be breaking out the can opener on all the whoop-ass.

Jensen looks down at his feet now and only just notices that he's got them pressed up against Jared's thigh. He doesn’t even remember doing it. He swings his feet back onto the floor and scowls at them like they're in on the joke.

Instead of answering, Jared says, "Dude, even Sadie could play this game better than you and she doesn't have thumbs."


It's just automatic to grab a large bag of sour gummy worms when he's in the convenience store on their way home from set. He might have been craving for the bad type of coffee they made which necessitated the stop and it might have been two in the morning but still, they were right there.

They don't call them impulse racks for nothing.

Jensen drags himself back into the car and Jared is slumped against the far seat, having passed out as soon as they were in. Jensen places the bag carefully in Jared's lap because he kinda loves the high, squeaky excited noises Jared makes when he gets candy, even if he's half asleep.

He ignores the way Andrew's eyebrows go up in the rear vision mirror.


Okay, so maybe Jared pushing his way into Jensen's bed on a Sunday morning is technically pushing the boundaries of even something Jensen can ignore. They'd both had a lot to drink the night before and one of Jared's joys in life was to make everyone miserable whenever he had a hang over because he didn't believe in suffering alone.

Proof in point, he presses his iceblock feet against the back of Jensen's toasty warm calves.

"Dude, you're kidding right?" Jensen protests.

Jared just kind of makes a half-asleep snuffling noise and rubs his face in between Jensen's shoulder blades. Jensen's really glad he wore a t-shirt to bed because who knows what disgusting mess Jared just wiped on him.

At least, he tries to tell himself that it's Jared being disgusting rather than affectionate because that's better for everyone.


His mother being nothing but understanding about Jensen choosing to spend Christmas in Vancouver to stay with Jared who swears he's dying of Black Lung makes Jensen finally flip out.

"No, you know what? There's hundreds of people that can stay with him. I'm coming home," Jensen snaps and even though it's over the phone, he can hear his mother's expression and it's not a good one.

"Jensen Ackles, stop being a child and stay with your-" She falters right then and Jensen isn't quite sure what she was going to say but she finishes with, "-your Jared," quite valiantly and only sounds just a little bit strangled.

"He'll be fine," Jensen dismisses.

Of course, seeing Jared's brave face when Jensen announces he's flying home that day, leaving Jared in the care of a couple of local friends who will check on him and feed the dogs doesn't make him feel like he's ripping his own heart out.



"So, how long have we been dating exactly?" Jensen asks, because... well.

You can't fight the tide.

"Four months, three days and six hours," Jared supplies from the kitchen because Jensen was a giant chicken and didn't actually ask Jared to his face. Jensen stares at his nails and slumps down further on Jared's couch. "You don't have to look so depressed about it," Jared comments from the doorway. He has an eight layer sandwich on a plate cradled against his chest.

"I'm not depressed about that," Jensen corrects quickly, because he's not. He's strangely serene about it actually. "I just feel like I should have noticed."

"Well, I didn't want to spook you so I didn't do anything obvious like actually telling you."

"Ah, okay. That makes a weird kind of sense," Jensen says, scratching at the back of his head. Jared sits down on the couch next to him, all close and entitled and uses one hand to squish his multi-layered sandwich down to the density of a pancake. Jensen starts thinking about what those hands are capable of and his brain goes offline right up until Jared waves a hand in front of his face, steak sauce smudges on his fingers.

"I spooked you," Jared says, looking glum and Jensen laughs.

"No, I was just thinking about... stuff."

"Good stuff?"

Jensen just smiles, mysteriously he's pretty sure and enigmatically if he's lucky. He watches Jared blush and swallow.

So, he's apparently been clueless for four months and some change.

He's got some catching up to do.
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