December 29th, 2008

keep calm

Help me Obie One Kenobi

So I've completely changed my story for spn_j2_xmas. Considering people are already posting theirs and the dead deadline is the 15th you may think this a little reckless but I just got stuck with what I was writing and the new thing is already 1500 words gone so it's a definite improvement. *big slightly hysterical thumbs up*

No, it'll be fine, really.

Just a couple of things to check with my US friends if you don't mind.

1. Do you guys have bungey cords and are they called bungey cords? You know, the stretchy cords you hold luggage on roofs with and stuff.

2. Banana loungers? Is that right?

3. Do you guys ever refer to bread rolls as buns because there's a double entendre that just won't work otherwise.

4. Cockroaches, roaches or both?

Are you intrigued yet? *eyebrows*

So, here's the story that wasn't working. I may revisit at some point... It's J2. I know, my poor requestor...! The new story isn't this at all.

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keep calm

"and hell followed with him"

Just posting to have it on my journal. This was my spn_summergen piece and I'm working on another story in this 'verse so wanted to link to it here.

Title: and hell followed with him
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,561 words.
Prompt: Sam transplanted to an alternate universe, where he was never born, all other Winchesters are alive and well, and the other PsyKids have taken over the world, supernatural civil war-style.

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