December 27th, 2008


The Xmas tree is devoid of presents now

It's hot, my flatmate and her cat are asleep on the couch, my cat is asleep by the window, as soon as my flatmate wakes up we're going to the beach and there's nothing under the tree anymore.

It's post-boxing day.

Thank you for all the cards - they are sitting in my living room and making the room very cheery and sparkly. Thank you to oxoniensis for my ecard (it made me grin like a mad grinning thing) and to deirdre_c for the mistletoe (I'll meet you under there anytime!!) and pizzapixie for the Xmas stocking.

I have so many tabs open for stuff I want to read but won't be able to for a little while and I have a massive recs post to get up which I'm hoping to do today or tomorrow. Putting the finishing touches on my spn_j2_xmas fic (I apologise dear requestor, I know it sucks to wait!!) is a priority for the next couple of days and also want to get done deirdre_c's fic and finish off my second Sweet Charity fic and possibly my followup AKB fic if I have time.

I've got another week off to accomplish this. I can't believe I've had 2 weeks off already. Where did the time go?? *blinks*

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. *squishes you all*