December 20th, 2008

Rory/Dean cuuuuuuute!

There are twelve different kinds of M&M's in da house

So, I'm hoping that my Xmas cards reach everyone by Xmas but I realise now that it may not happen. *woeface*

If you asked for a ficlet and didn't receive by now then please drop a comment and I will post in a you-only filter.

Also - I've decided it *is* a little bit scroogey to not post some of the ones I wrote. But I'm not really interested in wide audience consumption so if you would like to read any I will post some of my favourites filtered for a couple of them as well on Xmas eve. Below just click on which ones you would like to read and you'll be able to see them come Xmas eve (for me, so Xmas eve eve for the non-Australian and NZ folks).

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All I want for Xmas is...

Hell Followed With Him 'verse
SG-1 Jack/Daniel

ETA: You can choose more than one. Feel free to ticky all the ones you would like to read. :D