December 2nd, 2008

keep calm

November Fic roundup

-- Completed fic --

One fic? Is that it?? Man, I'm slipping.

Interlude in W Minor - SPN Gen S4 coda.

-- In Progress --

1. Sweet Charity fic - SPN, Gen. Now has a title - The Sum Of His Parts. This is actually finished. *victory arms* Just being cleaned up and waiting for my requestor to get back and let me know how she'd like it.

2. Sweet Charity fic - SGA, AU, John/Rodney, Ronon. About 2/3 done. Really need to knuckle down as I'm surprised my requestor hasn't started hurling rotten fruit at my head yet.

3. Xmas ficlets - Done and done. Being sent out this week. I'm not going to post these to my LJ, they'll always live as handwritten little bits. :) One of them has spawned idea for another fic though and I blame deirdre_c completely.

4. Small Town cops AU - SPN, AU. Still working but I've put this aside just while I'm getting the stuff I have assigned done.

5. Shut In - SPN Gen - This is nearly done. Probably be posted next week.

6. SPN Xmas ficathon - Can't remember the comm name for the life of me. I haven't started but I have a fair idea what I'm going to write.