November 23rd, 2008


Assignment stuffs...

Just got my spn_j2_xmas assignment and I could squish the ever-living daylights out of the mods because way to match. It's perfect for me... I'm tempted to write 2 of the stories but I've got Xmas ficlets and my sweet charity fics to get done so I need to resist the temptation...

However, I'm off from the 15th and will be mooching around so I *could* if I get done with one story super-fast.

Speaking of Sweet Charity though, can anyone remind me of the deadline. Have I missed it? I'm trucking along with my stories but I just remembered this time that if you don't check in as having been done then I don't think you can sign up for the next one which... *sadface*

I'm hoping I haven't missed it.