November 11th, 2008

keep calm


fleshflutter is having a lovely chick-flick moment over at her journal where people elect the story of theirs that most pleases them. Even if you're not a writer, it will probably be an awesome reading list when all's said and done. I'm planning on making my way through it on the weekend.

But that inspired me to wonder what stories of other people's please you? More specifically:

- What's your go-to story(s)? Those ones you have bookmarked/mem'd/have on a list somewhere and just can read over and over?

- What's that story(s) that hit you like a punch in the gut? Made you say, woah, didn't see that coming?

- What's that story that made you say, yeah, this writer just gets it - just sees the characters the way I do/wrote that story I wanted to/seemingly pried that right out of my head?

- What's that story(s) that first sucked you into a fandom/first story you read in a fandom?

I'll edit this post with my answers when I get home tonight so feel free to come on back. Also I have a loooong overdue long list of fic recs to post. That'll be another thing for tonight.