October 26th, 2008

keep calm

Fire number 2

Those that have been watching this journal for a while will know that a while ago (more than a year now... wow!) I had an apartment fire. Basically, the apartment I lived in before the place I'm currently in was on fire while I was in it. I was actually the last person out of the block, the police bashed on my door to let me know I had to get out. Basically, my back balcony was surrounded by brush fencing and I had a punching bag hanging from the roof, both of which went up in an astoundingly short amount of time and my back windows blew out from the heat as a consequence.

My current apartment looks over a freight line (it's actually pretty green and the trains infrequent so it's not actually a bad thing) and there's a park and a lot of brush and bush behind it. I was noodling around on livejournal this afternoon and could hear this crackling noise. I thought maybe someone downstairs was bbqing on their balcony. I didn't realise what it actually *was* until my flatmate yelled out that there was a fire outside.

The whole line of brush just over the track, just across from our apartment was on fire.

It was a hot day today and windy and anyone who's ever lived anywhere near bush in Australia knows how bad that combo is. It took the firefighters about an hour or a bit more to put it out because when they put out one section, it just cropped up somewhere else.

I never felt safe after the fire in my last apartment. I'm pretty sure I'm okay about this one because I don't think at any point we were in any real danger but I had some little kind of almost anxiety attacks after the last one and I don't want to have that again.

What was sweetly funny was that after it was over, my flatmate apologised to me. She'd been the one to come and pick me up after my last fire and look after me and she said that she felt bad because she'd promised I'd be safe here.

Urgh, and then my day downgraded because my external harddrive which I keep all my writing on just made a horrible noise a few hours ago and died. I might be able to retrieve stuff but I'm not holding out much hope. I'm mortified because it had my 'zine story on it (about a page from being done at 3,500 words and they'd given me eleventy million extensions) as well as the first of my sweet charity fics which was done and ready to be posted and a bunch of request fics I'd been working on as well as backups of *everything* I've posted... (I'm going to have to copy everything back off my journal and into word... yeargh)

Link me to happy stuff please. I need it. *blinky*