October 21st, 2008

keep calm

Not bad... just annoying...

My Visa card had to be cancelled because a site I've bought something off was hacked... *frowns* Luckily, the "phishing" transaction (a small $1.00 transaction whoever the cockspanks were did to check which cards were active and which ones weren't before they took people for everything) was noted by my bank as an unusual transaction and they stopped it.

It might not sound it but I tend to have good luck with stuff like this. A couple of years ago a guy followed me from an ATM to a takeout place (I didn't notice) and stole my ATM card out of my bag while I was occupied. The moronic thing was that he took it *back* to the exact same ATM to attempt to basically take out everything and a particularly vigilant security guard (I never make fun of security guards because of this) noticed and remembered him and basically apprehended the guy.

I like to think it's good monetary karma. I found a wallet with about $500 cash in it in a bathroom in a mall and returned to the owner (she had a receipt in her wallet with her mobile number on it luckily). She was so surprised and awed to get it back but I had had something similar happen only a few months earlier and some kind soul returned *my* wallet to a local police station with cash and cards intact.

So it's annoying because I'm without card and internet banking for a couple of weeks (you access with your Visa card number... argh!) but not terrible.

Just a reminder, comment here if you'd like a Xmas card this year. :)

Stuff that is of the good...

- I know what I'm doing for both my Sweet Charity stories. One will be me actually finishing Abscido and it's going to be McShep with lots of Ronon love (but not that kind of love) because it just won't work for me otherwise.

The other is an SPN that will have extra helpings of Bobby because I loves him. My requestor wanted something along the lines of The Summer Of Standing Still but with extra helpings of woobie!Dean and I think I can manage that.

- I'm having dilemmas about my Master List (which is why I *still* haven't updated it, yes, that's it... *shifty eyes*) whereby it's in alphabetical order but do you lump all the stories with 'The' in the title together or go with the second word? I have this same problem with my DVD collection. Anyone a librarian or some such and can steer me straight?

- I *need* to finish a 'zine story I've been steadily working on because the people putting it together have given me millions of extensions and it's still not done. I'm having that 'written myself into a corner' problem I always seem to have with longer fics. Ooooh, that reminds me, I should be able to now post the story I wrote for the last Brotherhood 'zine because I think it's past the grace thingie period now. I was Collapse ).

- The Sweet Charity are now the priority but I'm still going to do five (four now because I got one done) of the request fics I got. I'm also still working on the Small Town Cops AU because I love the idea to squishy bits and pieces even though the execution is currently clunky. I think I need to edit.