October 19th, 2008


It's starting to look a lot like...

How is it halfway through October already. *face palms* Actually... how is it Sunday? Where the hell did my weekend go??

So, I get to look forward to Xmas this year because I actually have holidays. The last eight years I've worked/been oncall over Xmas, New Years. I've been in financial jobs for those eight years with quarter ends so I couldn't look forward to my birthday (June) *or* Xmas.

Ahhhh... sweet freedom!! *victory arms*

Okay, this post had a point. If you want to receive a card thing this year then feel free to drop your addy here. (Comments are screened)

If you're doing something similar link me to your call-out for addresses when you post and I'll drop you mine.

If you want a little drabble-y thing then feel free to also request a Xmas-stamp of anything I've written previously. It'll be hand-written so I can't promise legibility... :D I just remember getting a bunch of SG-1 cards with drabbles on the back from a very special girl and it was the cutest thing ever... ;D