October 10th, 2008

keep calm

Hello my old friend - how I missed yooooou...

*clings to LJ*

=> I basically haven't been on for a week because my work banned the site again and I just don't have tiiiiime at the moment outside of work. And then, randomly, like a cyber!oasis, it's back again. I'm going to limit my time on here to little bursts out of hours though because I think I single-handedly keep getting it banned - ha!

=> poisontaster has opened up her A Kept Boy universe like a sandbox in a playground - whatwekeep. The beauty of this is that you can pretty much be from any fandom and still play. I don't really read (and very rarely write RPS) - but when it comes to PT I've made a lot of exceptions and this is one of them. I'm planning, with her blessing, a small snippet with Milo/Adrian and Milo/Jared. I just need to get my sweet charity fics knocked and I'm there. :)

=> Speaking of Sweet Charity - because of one of my winners, you will finally all see me actually finish off Abscido. It's the little story that could, the WIP that none of you would let die... *laughs for days*

=> SPN Remix fics are live! mine is wonderful and so simple in it's execution but lovely for it.

=> I'm woefully behind on my flist. I'm woefully behind on updating my master lists, I didn't get my 'zine story done (I'm going to take a marathon run at it this weekend and see if I can finally get it finished) - but the sun is shining, I have a full and fun weekend planned so it's hard to be blue.