September 27th, 2008

keep calm


Okay, now I know I probably shouldn't have done that AU Meme that was floating around because I think I now have to write this SPN one... (thank you lillian13, you've totally broken my resolve to NOT START ANYTHING NEW!!)

I... think I am completely in love with the idea of them as small town cops. Bobby would totally be the Sheriff and Sam and Dean are the two deputies and they have all kinds of hijinks and people are always reminding Dean that he was the one that always got hauled into the Sheriff's office when he was younger and the local high school kids never take him seriously when he tries to haul them in for pot smoking because up until a few years ago they bought their pot off him but he struck out into the world to make his fortune, fell on hard times and came back to the only life he knew. In a twist, it's Sam that didn't leave but followed in his daddy's footsteps and has a passel of kids and BBQs on Sundays and is all like, "Don't you want this Dean, seriously?"

And then there are monsters.

Oh, and a Happy Ending.

I have ideas people.