September 21st, 2008

keep calm

F is for Fic Recs

I am doing the dance of finishing my spn_remix I had been dithering for the longest time and then knocked it over in one hit because after going back and forth, I ended up remixing the first story of my author's that I looked at and I should've known that would happen and just saved myself a lot of hair pulling.

I have also made a 7,000 word dent in my robot!Dean story and I'm having fun with it. It will definitely not be big bang length but it will rival probably anything I've written other than ongoing verses. (scroll to the bottom for a snippet)

So in celebration and because it's been too long, here be fic recs.

Scattered by littledrop, (SPN, Gen) - The author's summary is the best way of describing this fic but it's wonderful in its simplicity. While Sam was at Stanford, he wrote a letter. It took him quite a while.

Fruit Salad by janedavitt, (SGA, John/Rodney) - I basically make squeaking sounds whenever Jane writes anything, let alone John/Rodney.

Amanuensis by pepper_field, (SG-1, Gen, Jack-Daniel friendship) - Oh how I miss this kind of story. Just a little cut scene but will leave you grinning.

Should've Gone Hunting Instead by iamstealthyone, (SPN, Gen) - You all know how partial I am to the stories about the boys and the in between of their lives. This is marvelous.

Five Lies John Told by cesperanza, (SGA, John/Rodney) - I think... I think I have a thing for when one character sits vigil by another, be it in a hospital or elsewhere. Internal anguish is my cuppa apparently.

An Inaccurate Telling by mmmchelle and thegrrrl2002, (SGA, John/Rodney) - I can't go past a story written by chelle or grrrl so when powers combine... hoo boy!

the winter of a long night by oxoniensis - (SG-1, Gen - Continuum snippet) - This is a wonderful piece about Daniel.

I Dunno Third Base by vee_fic, (SPN, Gen) - The characterisations and the tiny details are all wonderful. These boys, this life, just right.

Commentfic by jd_junkie, (SG-1, Jack/Daniel) - This is very cute and funny.

The Gay That It Is (Or: The Gayest Gen Story Ever) by gekizetsu, (SPN, Gen...ish) - Just... boys.

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