September 1st, 2008

keep calm

Meme Monday

It's early Monday morning and I just can't bring myself to start doing work quite yet... the nutri grain hasn't even settled in my stomach!

Snagged from all over. The first twenty line meme - It calls for the first sentences of your last 20 stories and then you look for patterns.

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So, patterns? I think I start most stories with a single line rather than a paragraph. I can usually use my first line as a summary of sorts. 8 out of 20 stories started with speech... I think that's a habit - actually 9 out of 20 if you count the sentence that had speech in it. 2 and 6 seem to be the only full, descriptive sentences. Maybe 13 as well. Also? This points out that I post way less than I used to because I was shocked to see that it took me back into April to hit 20 stories... when I used to produce way more than that.

Comes with having a job where I actually can't write during the day I guess... *grins*

I also thinks it marks the time I've been stuck with my Toshiba and not the Thinkpad that was just really good to write on. The Toshiba is too big. It's great for watching shows on but sucks for writing on... you can't really balance it on your lap in bed or anything because it's too clunky.

Oh, I also used to never write in present tense and now I think it's 50/50. Why? I think because some of my favourite authors write in present tense and I probably picked it up because it was something I liked. I of course am a bandit for switching tenses mid-story. Argh.
keep calm

Noodling about...

Isn't it September the first everywhere else yet? *pokes kamikazeremix hoping stories will fall out*

With this posting I'll have two anonymous stories out there on the ether, this and the spn_summergen story. It's fun but I'm also getting impatient... hehehee... Although my requested story got posted the other day and I haven't had a chance to read it yet so I'm not sure what I'm complaining about... *grins* It's looong so I'm very excited but also don't want to rush through it when I have a spare minute. I want to sit down and read it.

My cat was so determined to sit on me just now even though I was curled up on my side on the couch that she's perched awkwardly on my feet. You gotta love 'em for being so particular.