August 19th, 2008

keep calm

Okay - it's official

I cannot sign up for any more ficathons. I've already had to bow out of one because my whole story was accidentally deleted and I couldn't bring myself to write it again.

So here's me being whacky and thinking I can actually finish all of these.


kamikazeremix - Due August 25th

Progress: Halfway through and I know where it's going.

I am: Quietly confident.

apocalypse_kree - Due September 20th - September 30th.

Progress: Haven't started but I'm looking forward to it.

I am: Full of ideas. I even have a first sentence.

The world ended while John Sheppard was on enforced shore leave.

spn_remix - Due October 3rd

Progress: - Apparently my assignment will be waiting for me when I get home.

I am: Wondering why I keep doing this to myself.

spn_summergen stories are still being posted. I haven't seen my request yet and I can't tell you if my story has been posted yet as it is still a super-special-secret-squirrel-secret. If anyone thinks they've spotted my story yet or in the stories to come I'd love to know. I'm wondering if I have a style that gives me away. If something would just read like mine and those familiar with it would be, yep, that's Kel. Anyway, go check 'em out and give some gen writers love. There's been some great ones so far but I'm waiting for the reveal to rec the couple that have just made me glee.