August 5th, 2008

keep calm

Stuff and things...

Thing the first.

I love my flist. No, I mean I love my flist. They are like shiny knights with white armor parading around on horses. Especially poisontaster (*squishes her hard and she knows why*).

Thing the second.

On a happier note - spn_summergen starts posting today.

See if you can pick mine. The last anonymous fic exchange I did I screwed it because I used a section breaker that I always use. *facepalms*. I got rid of it this time... but it was a close thing. I nearly posted with it in place again. I'd be curious to know, despite the story being a little different from what I usually write, if my writing "tells" still bleed through it.

Anyway, check out the awesome stories that will start posting. There'll be a couple (I think) of stories a day. More gen than you could poke a stick out. *aeroplane arms*

Thing the third.

You can now pick prompts from apocalypse_kree. I've chosen mine and I went for a picture prompt this year. I'm going to go with a Mitchell/Daniel story but I've been mulling over throwing a little John Sheppard into the mix.

Thing the final.

I have to think of something to write for my 'zine submission. I could finish a story I've started but... hmmmm. Anyone want to throw some ideas at me, see if they stick?