July 23rd, 2008

keep calm


Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for kamikazeremix and if I've taken my crazy pills and signed up for this after some non-to-subtle prodding from the mods, then you all should go and check it out.

Really, it's like jumping off a cliff with an umbrella this one... *grins*

Also, while yes, I haven't *quite* finished my last ficathon bit and also signed up for Kamikaze, I just *cannot* resist apocafic of any kind.

Go, like the wind and sign up for -

annerbhp made the pretty, pretty banners and soon she will make pretty, pretty banners for me (bwahahaa... mine is an evil laugh!) when I finally get my ass in gear and open up ucp_ficathon which will be soon, I promise! If you're interested in a crossoverpalooza then wander over and link yourself as a prompt call will be up very soon. The previous Master List is here.