July 21st, 2008


*Victory Arms*

I am done with my gateverse_remix story.


I am done with my spn_summergen story.


I am nowhere near done my apocalyptothon story but with the other two done I have *time* to actually do it and have ideas...

*arms akimbo*

I am almost 2/3 the way through deirdre_c's birthday fic so it will be done in time.

*balloon animals*

I am currently ploughing through all of CSI: Las Vegas. Sometimes I just feel like watching a show and I watch it until I am done with every available skerrick of it (hellooo nine seasons of ER... whew!). But can I just say, can I have a Greg Sanders of my own? I want to keep him! If anyone were willing to point me in the direction of good Greg fic (Gen or whatever, Greg/Nick or even Greg/Warrick... does that even exist??) would be fantabulous!!