July 12th, 2008

keep calm

F is for Fic Recs

Firstly, why is it when I don't have any ficathon stuff due, I just stare at a blank word document, but when I have a ton of stuff I should be working on, I have all these plot bunnies crowding for attention?

*smacks self repeatedly in the forehead*

Only a couple this week - hope you enjoy.

Growing In The Sky, Swimming In The Fields by troyswann, (Farscape, Gen) - A lovely John piece. He's probably the most interesting scifi character there ever was and I love what some writers do with him.

Silent Water by bellatemple, (SPN, Gen) - This is part of a series I think but can be read as a standalone. There are two stories, interwoven and it's a lovely take on Andrea and her son and Sam and Dean as younger boys paralleled.

One Day(five times gone) by surrealis, (SVU, Olivia/Elliot implied) - This is just spot on and has a canonical feel.