July 2nd, 2008



Gakked from heidi8 -

What's your oldest icon? What has made you hang on to it for so long? Does it mean something specific? Do you use it for special things? Show me and tell me all about it!

This is my oldest icon (I think...). Basically I hang onto it because it's my all time favourite. It's Eliza and Seth so that right there means it is literally made of awesome, all little awesome bricks stacked on top of each other, but it also just makes me... smile. I use it when I'm happy, when I'm full of glee or squee or just when I want to be.

On that note... I've been thinking I'd like a couple more kellifer icons (piccies with kellifer artfully written somewhere or kellifer fic even...) since I have icon spaces just going begging but I have no skilz whatsoever so if anyone were willing to make me any I would be willing to pay in fic, compliments or bordering on naughty massages. :) I would especially like something writerly themed - either an old timey type writer or pen and paper or something.

On a personal note - my kittie has now had the chop (internal chop because she's a she) and just watching her wobble around the apartment all completely coked out of her gourd was in equal measures heartbreaking and hilarious. I'm a gemini - I get to have conflicting reactions to everything... heh. Does anyone have any advice for making an Elizabethan neck collar stay on - because Sammy was able to get her paw through the gap between the collar and the plastic no matter how tight we did it and pop the stupid thing off.