June 17th, 2008

keep calm

I haven't done this in years...

Things for today -

-> Help me out and suggest same fun curses that the SPN boys could be afflicted with. I swear I have no brain at the moment. It's for a really good cause...

-> I keep thinking I'm frighteningly close to a fiacthon deadline without realising it... I've signed up for three currently but I'm too scared to look... *peeks through fingers* I've got an exam tomorrow so I might just worry about it Thursday when I'm not stressing because I HAVEN'T HAD TO DO AN EXAM FOR ANYTHING IN TEN YEARS!!

-> My kitten continues to be equal parts cute and insane/naughty. She is currently hell-bent on reaching a picture that's hanging in my room by any means necessary. I'm not sure what she plans to do with it once she manages to get claws into it but it's proving to be a challenge she's desperate to solve.

ETA: Oh my god, you guys just rock. I could spend a whole month writing curse stories now... hahaha!