June 15th, 2008


Sparkly day...

Awww... thank you to those with the birthday wishes... I feel all squishy.

Especially deirdre_c for the pile o' presents on the userinfo. Also pheebs1 for the Dean/Petra fic I have been longing for.

Mostly, to oxoniensis because I woke up this morning with Supernatural/Good Omens fic in my email inbox and I think apart from beta-people so far only I have seen it which makes it extra splendiforous... when she posts it, read it because it is wonderful.

For my birthday day I had breakfast with friends, a loooong facial and then Mexican dinner with more friends and pub afterwards. I had a shiny day. Oh, and my kitten got me a present too. A jump on the chest at half past six in the morning. She's lucky she's so cute because otherwise there'd be consequences. Oh, and I also love my new job because I got into work on Friday to find my desk completely covered in balloons... hee!


Thankyou majorsamfan for the party hat... my userinfo currently looks very festive.

And to the anonymous person who gifted me with 6 months of paid time... thank you so much! *is astounded* If you're not comfortable fessing up (heheee!) at least drop an anonymous comment and let me write something for you!