June 6th, 2008

keep calm

It's beginning to look a lot like...

I have a strange request...

I'm wondering if anyone would be willing (artistically inclined which I know you all are) to illustrate a kids book for me. For my nephew's first Xmas, I want to make him a book so it's... more personal I guess.

Because his name is Charlie and Christmas it'll be a poem about other things starting with 'C'.

If anyone's willing, I'd be happy to negotiate some kind of payment in the way of ... I don't know, care packages from Australia or stories or anything really.

If someone thinks they could even maybe photoshop something together it'd be cool. I just have no skills in that area... I'm a writer or words... I can't draw to save my life and I barely manage on a computer... heh...

I'm going to make it educational too... there'll be counting... ha!

Eight Candy canes sitting all in a row
Nine Christmas light strings, see how they glow.

...but y'know, funnier than that. :D

Pee-Ess - Since it's my birthday in a week I thought I would finish one WIP that is lingering on my harddrive and call an amnesty on all others that will be my present to me. Watch out for tonight's poll where you can pick the story I finish because it's like choosing between really sad puppies who whimper pitifully everytime I go to pick up one that isn't them for me.
keep calm

WIP Amnesty - there can be only one...

There's been a couple of fics I've started and for various reasons haven't finished (yet I keep saying). Some I've actually done the horrible thing and started posting them. I usually have fics finished before I start posting but these there's been the 2nd and sometimes 3rd parts with betas still when I've started posting and there's been some major plot flaws or something just wasn't working in the next parts or I've decided I hated it which sometimes happens.

So for my birthday I'm going to have a mini finish-a-thon. Read the quick primer on the stories I feel most guilty about letting linger and it will be done (oh yes! It will be done) before during just after the weekend of my birthday.

These are by no means all the current wips I have... just the ones I could see myself getting done in the allotted time. :D

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I demand you complete...

Close The Doors, Shutter The Sky
and everywhere that Mary went
The Beggar's Cup
Intermediate Directions

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