June 4th, 2008

keep calm

Stuff and things...

1. Why did no one tell me about hard4brains...? *laughs for days*

2. I always have this dilemma where I think the idea I have for my remix fic is just wrong and the original author will haaaaate it. I've decided to take a small element of one of my author's fics and kind of spin it outward...

3. In prep for remix (because I need all the halp I can get... )

Patchwork Fic -

Give me a sentence, a paragraph,a snippet and they will be worked into the one fic.

I won't be mooshing fandoms though so specify which fandom with your snippet and if I get more than three ideas per fandom I'll write those. Basically, I'm staying home this weekend to get back into the practice of doing a big block of writing so this will be a fun exercise...

(Don't you all be conspiring to make me write Iron Man fic... ha!)

4. I'll try and get the Daniel/Teal'c friendship fic I owe knocked over this weekend too.