May 30th, 2008

keep calm

Fic Recs Friday: Multifandom

Specific Reality by eight_horizon, (SPN, Gen) - I didn't realise I was waiting for a story like this until I read it. A wonderful AU.

Caught by thegrrl2002, (SGA, John/Rodney) - There are just some fandom cliches we'll never get tired of... body swap is definitely one.

With Good Grace by malnpudl, (SGA, John/Rodney) - I can't pass up a good future!fic.

Penelope by oxoniensis, (Iron Man, implied Pepper/Tony) - No, it's not a new fandom... it's just... just enjoy it because I certainly did... :D

The Height Of Technology Is Frozen Pizza by hackthis, (Live Free Or Die Hard, Matt/John) - I hold poisontaster completely responsible for me seeing this pairing and just having to click...
keep calm

"Greener Grass"

Title: Greener Grass
Spoilers: None
Fandom: SG-1
By: kellifer_fic
Category: Cameron/Daniel
Disclaimer: Written for entertainment purposes only. No money, no sue.

So, Cameron Mitchell could pretty much pinpoint the exact moment he became a twelve-year-old girl.

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