May 24th, 2008

keep calm

Fic Recs Friday: Multifandom


- My new kittie is sleeping on her pile of toys. She's kind of like a dragon... *laughs*

- I often have bad luck with ficathons, getting prompts I have no *idea* what to do with. I just got my SPN Summergen prompts and... I WANT TO WRITE EVERY SINGLE ONE! There are six prompts and I want to write them all... I want to grab my assignee and crack her brain open and scoop out the rest of the ideas in there...

So, have I successfully distracted you into not seeing that I only have two ficrecs this week?

Miscellaneous Is Always The Largest Category by splash_the_cat, (Ironman, Gen) - What's this? New fandom? No... but a writer I adore writing a story about a movie I've seen twice because I love it so? Yes. :)

Learning Wesley by allyndra, (Crossover, SGA/ANGEL, Wesley/Evan) - I love those stories where you look at the pairing and kind of go... huh?? Then you read it and go... ohhhhhhh... yes, that works, it works just right.