May 20th, 2008


Riding off into the sunset... ow!

Maybe hiatus is like a full moon, it brings out the craziness?

Anyway, I love my shows. Some people are feeling a little discombobulated with fandom which I get... but I'm just here for the stories and the lovely people I've met.

I'm offering a little slice of sunshine. Give me your happy fic prompts. Puppies and kittens and rainbows. If someone puts a prompt on here *you* want to write then feel free and link back here. Want to do a little art from a prompt, do that too!

Pimp the happy because the not-so-happy never has any trouble pimping itself...
keep calm

Death Primer

This is the Death Primer for my upcoming SPN/Discworld crossover. I got some requests for a quick rundown when mentioning writing this story so feel free to skip if you know all about this.

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Dean and Sam

"And All But He Departed"

Title: And All But He Departed
Rating/Warning: PG (language)
Wordcount: 5,822
Spoilers: None
Fandom: Crossover, SPN/Discworld
By: kellifer_fic
Category: Gen
Notes: A primer on Discworld's Death. There is no real character death in this story... except the character Death of course.
Notes 2: References to the events of Season 3.
Disclaimer: Written for entertainment purposes only. No money, no sue.

Sam’s first coherent thought was nguhhhh.

So, not really coherent but all he could come up with on short notice. Mostly because he was flat on his back and it seemed like every part of his body was bruised. He wanted to move but his body was at that moment not accepting any messages from his brain, instead mostly saying - Try again in maybe six hours. Let’s see how that goes, shall we? before giving his brain the metaphorical finger.

Sam’s arms finally relented and moved of their own accord so Sam could pass his hands in front of his face and curl his fingers closed and then open a few times. It all felt very physical which was odd because Sam was pretty, almost, possibly certain that only a few short minutes ago he’d… well.

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