May 17th, 2008

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs: Multifandom

Finally, back to our regularly scheduled program... I may be a *wee* bit late but it's still Friday somewhere... right?

Smoke Damage by eloise_bright, (SPN, Gen) - Lovely wee!chesters.

T-Minus Two Weeks And Counting by elishavah, (SG-1, Gen) - A great Jack-Daniel friendship piece with Daniel trying to get to Atlantis and Jack trying to make him understand just why he can't say yes.

By Any Other Name by greyias, (SGA, Gen) - Banter and friendship and a smidge of angst... lovely.

Growing Pains by starrylizard, (SPN, Gen) - John is regressed to a five year old, a completely cute and funny story ensues...

I'd Go Home If I Knew How To Get There by Minervacat, (SGA, John/Rodney) - A romance told through concussions... awesome!

A Left-Handed Relationship by chellefic, (SGA, John/Rodney) - I couldn't remember if I'd recced this before so I had to stick it on. Hot and funny, just like I like me John/Rodney.

Tangerine by oxoniensis, (SPN, Gen) - I haven't watched the finale yet, but if it's as hard-going as I think it might be, you might want to keep this story on hand to soothe your broken heart afterwards.

...and two estei fics this week because I loved them both - Get Ready To Live With It (SPN, Gen) and No Bravery. Trust me, you'll enjoy both.