May 6th, 2008

keep calm

Aren't you that girl who used to write all the time?

Ugh... I feel like I haven't gotten anything done in so long. I finished the first sweet charity fic but have the second to go plus a whole pile o' started fics and the whole not writing thing at work just doesn't work for me... heh.

I'm hermit-ing it next weekend to get my second sweet charity fic knocked but indulge me. Request a ficlet from an already written 'verse... Want some new wing!fic or more in the Dark Materials crossover? It can be a timestamp or something you've been wondering about or something I may have never even thought of including in that world. Want to know what happens after the credits roll on a one-off story?

I just want to write a couple of small ficlets just to get over my writing malaise...

My master lists are on my userinfo page (and also that reminds me, another task for the weekend, to get them up to date... argh!)

Friday ficrecs will (hopefully!) be back this week!