April 28th, 2008

keep calm

And the fun just continues...

On the phone to rental car place -

Me: Oh hai there, my insurance company organised a booking for me?
RCPW: Yes, absolutely. What kind of car would you like?
Me: A small hatchback please.
RCPW: No problem!

In person at the rental car place -

Me: Oh hai, I'm here to pick up the car booked for me.
RCPW: No problem, it's right out there. *points*
Me: (Looks for a moment) Is it... behind the ginormous 4WD?
RCPW: (Just stares at me)
Me: So that whole asking me what I wanted thing was just to lull me into a false sense of security?
RCPW: (Continues to stare at me)
Me: I asked for a small car because I've never driven a 4WD before. The car that was wrecked was a little Mazda.
RCPW: That's all we have.
Me: The guy before me had no booking and just drove out in a small Huyandai.
RCPW: (Stares at me even harder, probably trying to make me and my "problems" disappear in a puff of smoke) That's all we have now.
Me: Okey dokey then.