April 17th, 2008


Woot \o/

Finished one of my Sweet Charity fics last night. I wasn't actually going to write but I had gone bowling the night before with some friends and it had given me ideas and I had to get them down.

Only one to go. Started the SPN/Discworld fic last night too. I was on a bit of a roll and really need to write more during the week. I'd gotten into a habit of going for a walk when I got home from work, then making dinner for flatmate and me, then zombie out in front of the tv for a while. The zombie-ing in front of the tv is the bit I can skip so I can write. :D

Also, as of three days ago, I'm an Auntie. I'm not usually that fussed on kids but I'm already hopelessly attached to this one. *grins*
keep calm

SPN/Discworld snippet

Just a little scene I've been thinking about and wanted to get down before it disappeared on me... which sometimes happens because my brain is mean.

Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled for the story.

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