April 14th, 2008


Writing todos...

What I need to write

2 Sweet Charity fics. I'm 2,000 words into the first one (yays!) and have the idea for the second. I only really have 2 weeks though so I need to start writing through the week which I just haven't been doing. One is SGA and one is Gilmore Girls/SPN.

What I want to write

- I *still* want to get back to the (SG-1) Daniel-Teal'c friendship fic. I just need to get staaaarted.

- I want to finish the SPN Big Bang fic. I'm not going to meet the deadline or probably the wordcount but I love the idea still, have some very concrete scenes in mind and what I want to do and just what to write it now.

- A discworld/SPN fic where Sam ends up accidentally becoming Death's apprentice when he's about to die again and Death doesn't want to see another round of Samsavingdeansavingsamsavingdean. He's getting sick of the paperwork. Dean just laughs and laughs and laughs, mostly at THE VOICE. And at the robe.

- Maybe something John/Rodney. I've been reading more of this lately and am getting back into a John/Rodney mood. If anyone has anything John/Rodney related they'd like to see, it might kickstart my brain.

- Wing!fic. This one will be a loooong one that will hopefully start tying up what's been happening, how the town and the town's people plays a role and what's going on with Henrickson.

So, so, SO many more things....

I'm still sad I missed the Remix signup but the stories are being revealed in about a week I think so... there's lots of stories to look forward to. :D