April 7th, 2008

keep calm

In Progress...

Just a reminder that I am Kellifer_fic on Insane Journal.

I'm going to start using that journal to write in my lunchtimes and stuff like that since it's not restricted at work unlike my yahoo mail... bah! So if you're interested in watching fics actually as they form... me rambling and jotting random thoughts and deciding I hate/love something and the research then feel free to drop by...

I'm going to be starting my SPN/Firefly fic where Sam is a companion and Dean is his brother who has been 'changed' , made into a weapon. I'm also going to be starting the new wing!fic (finally!) plus the sweet charity fics (I know what I'm writing for one but just waiting for my other winner to get back to me about the other...)

I also want to finish my SG-1 outsider POV fic... I just have to find where I buried it on my harddrive.

I have no plans to leave livejournal. This is my home until they kick me out and y'all are my neighbours and friends... (I nearly put you were all my friands... which, while tasty is not exactly true... heh)

Tomorrow, there will be fic.