April 4th, 2008

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs: Multifandom

Oh noes... one of my saved ficrec bookmarks doesn't work anymore... *sad face*

The Night Is Somehow Smaller by laurificus, (SPN, Gen)

Lukewarm by trill100, (SPN, Gen) - Lovely and achey and the boys basically being crap at being sweet to one another but trying all the same. N'aw.

Today I Woke Up Smiling by poisontaster, (Crossover, SPN/Firefly, Gen) - Can I just say... hell YEAH.

The Canon's Mouth by tabaqui, (SPN) - Lovely and darkly gripping. Dean would definitely come out of hell a little... dented.

Settled Down Like Rain by musesfool, (SPN, Gen) - Cookies and pillow forts and boys... what's not to love? There's some lovely, simple but lyrical bits that I just adored.

Also - if you haven't, check out the SG-1 Daniel Alphabet Soup for the gen fic day.