March 28th, 2008

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs: Multifandom

Sorry for the short list. My To Read list is much bigger than my ficrec list...

Oh for more hours in the day!

Dragging Anchor by surreallis_fic, (SG-1, Sam/Jack, Sam/Cam) - Jenn sums it up better than anyone. She's different now, without him. Maybe they all are.

Playing House by brin_bailey, (SPN, Gen) - A subtle and lovely look at Sam's longing.

Facing Movements by paian, (SG-1, Jack/Daniel) - Everything about this is just... yum.
keep calm

Decision Time...

I think at this point I've decided to drop out of the SPN Big Bang.

Ugh, of all the ficathons I've ever done, I've only ever had to drop out of one and have usually been a backup more often than not. It's weird for me to not finish something but I'm just not... enjoying it. I still *want* to write this story and I don't want to come to resent it and have it be such a source of stress and worry to me that I just can't bear to look at it.

*sad face*

I think that's why I'm feeling so blocked at the moment. The prospect of this huge thing that I just haven't really made a dent in is basically bottle-necking everything else I want to write to a point where nothing will come out. I mean, I got all these lovely crossover and five things fic prompts and still zip.

With this off my plate, I have officially nothing due at the moment, which is actually a really good feeling and may be just what I need. Also, I'm thinking I want to receive my Sweet Charity prompt while having a clean slate.