March 26th, 2008

keep calm

Inspiration... where art thou??


Basically, just argh.

I've stalled out on my SPN Big Bang which is just unfortunate because I *really* want to get it done. I'm going to take a concerted bash at it this weekend and if nothing happens then... I'm not sure... *hands*

I started another three stories to take my mind off it for a little while (I tend to do better when I multi-task) and I wrote a couple of paragraphs and closed down. Wrote a couple of paragraphs of something else and closed that too. I've had all these sparkly *ideas* lately and they're just not going anywhere... I'm not going to say I'm blocked but I'm certainly... bottlenecked?

All the wonderful crossover ideas are going to get another look at but there's nothing I can write quickly and make myself feel better... There are a couple there I *really* want to have a good look at and mull over and deserve more than what I'm producing right now.

How about... anyone want to give me 5 things prompts (any of my usual fandoms)? I can usually get those *done* at least and maybe if I finish a couple I'll stop feeling like my wheels are spinning in the mud and just digging me deeper and deeper...