March 20th, 2008

Lorelai and Rory

Chocolate is my kryptonite...

I was going really well with the whole healthy eating/exercing thing.

Then Easter has to happen.

Basically, deciding to stop eating chocolate (which I should have stopped a little while ago because really, my body is just putting a big old REJECT on anything like that at the moment) about two weeks before Easter wasn't my best plan.

My tummy is happy because it's not in a state of constant turmoil, but OTOH... I have a pile of Easter Eggs sitting on my desk all chanting, EAT US NAO, YOU NOES YOU WANT TO!!

keep calm

Friday Fic Recs a wee bit early and a new draft journal

Firstly - Bidding is now open for Sweet Charity and I'm offering two fics. There's a whole STACK of other *very* cool people and skills up for offer so go have a look!

Secondly - I've created Kellifer_fic on Insane Journal . This will become my primary draft writing journal so if you are interested in my process, snippets that may never see the light of day and works in progress... or want to tag me in case there's another LJ blackout mosey on over. kel_draft still refuses to allow me to code anything for some reason so I am going to delete it. Bah.

Now, because it's a holiday tomorrow and I'm going to be not near a computer really, here's Friday fic recs early... :D

There's only two this week. I haven't gotten as much reading in as I'd have liked to...

The Official "Willow's Ex-Boyfriend Club", Membership 2 by kindkit, (BTVS, Oz/Xander) - You might be looking at the very idea of this pairing and thinking... huh? Wha? Just trust me. This is too sweet and funny to miss and makes me want to write Oz/Xander...

No Stop Signs Or Speed Limit by deirdre_c, (SPN, Gen). Sam saves Dean. Just... not the way you'd expect.

Edited to add: Just to clarify on the Insane Journal front - I'm not planning on leaving Livejournal unless something drastic happens like they shut the site down or everyone else leaves and I find myself alone with the tumbleweeds... this will just be a journal for my writing process, thoughts and what I'm currently working on.