March 19th, 2008


Sweet Charity Ho!

I've done it.

I've signed myself up to do your bidding... literally!

Sweet Charity Ho.

Got any specific questions about what I'm willing to do for your dollar before you doll out the cash? Drop me a comment here... :)

Here's my blurb -

I'm offering two fics over 1,ooo words each in the fandoms I'm currently active in - SG-1, SGA, Gilmore Girls or Supernatural. Gen stories a preference but I'm willing to negotiate on pairing-centric fics. Crossover requests are welcome. My only 'no' is any current WIPs or verses.

Yep, I'm offering 2 fics this time. Use one and give one to a friend, use both, undress and roll around in one on a bed... your choice!